Cult of Hockey Player Classes: Edmonton Oilers crack point, come in range 2 in 5-4 OT loss Winnipeg


Could? Absolutely, Connor McDavid is in the extra time, which separated the Oilers from 2 points in Winnipeg on Thursday night.

I should? No, you can not say that Edmonton Oilers was a better team in the evening. So, while I do not think they necessarily have the luck to get one point, I do not think they earned anything more than that. After all, Winnipeg was clearly a top-notch club in the third period, outside the shooting at Edmonton 17-2 and tried 41-5. Yes, the latest statistics are correct. Ouch!

But really … at the start of the game and knowing that the Oscars Klefbaugh and Kris Russell are missing from the high-octane sailors Winnipeg, would they predict if the Oilers get a point or more? I did not.

Here's a story about the tape.

CAM TALBOT. 5. Did you need a savings from Cam Talbot that Josh Morrissey shot at overtime? Yes, you are. And this is what Talbot mostly misses during this season … a great, timely saving. But, if we want to be completely honest, the game also does not get overtime, even without the tremendous effort of Talbot in the third period. Not even close. His best save of all was on the Jets team on the opportunity by Mark Scheifele. They nearly had Laine's goal, but this shot came back from the right of the slot with a stick of one of the best clean athletes in the NHL. Stopped 35 out of 40.

CONNOR McDAVID. 6. Play up and down the captain. It is named the 2nd Star Game. He earned 2 assistants, the first to hit the net and stepped in Darnell Nurse, the other the hard and smart shooting Alex Chiasson brought home. Only one single shot, even though it was at the O / T bar. But McDavid also had 2 minor fines, he had some problems in his own zone and in the end was his man who had reached overtime. I thought that the punishment should be in the first paragraph. First aid was McDavid's 300th point in her NHL career, the second fastest Oiler who reached this mark … Guess who?

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Another world overtaking to Connor McDavid. This time it happened on the playful power, in the transverse ice in the attack zone from his back to Connor. The latter immediately moved to Chiasson for what was at the time when it was the goal. You can not tell him that he is a primary aid, but he does not play with Draisaitl. And he started off with a stick at the wall. Also, set Spooner into a 1-0 slot with a different perfect pass. Late on the reverse side of 3-1, or you would give me a hi 8. Competition for 100 points of the season.

ALEX CHIASSON. 6. In the season (13), he scored a high career goal for the season (13), only 26, as opposed to 79 that he played for Dallas in 20013-14. And Chiasson has registered it with a real smart grid that is placed in front and then puts the stick in the right place. That was 1 of 4 shots at 19:20. Lost his man in the first team of Jets.

DARNELL NURSE. 7. Huge effort. Career played high 31 minutes 4 seconds. Stunning 38 moves. He decided to go into the net and rewarded for taking the lead in the front hand. This success is a good example of how CF% is really a better team team than an individual (Nurse's All-Events CF was 22-28, 44%) because the nurse was excellent. Place Caggiula on your own in front, but Drake shot high. Partial error at 1-1. He had his man in O / T.

ADAM LARSSON. 5. He lived a lot more than 28:45, as his 27.03% CF and 30.77 FF% show. End of night -1. 2 hits and a block. Nothing wonderful. But without him, they would be lost there.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 6. Part of a ruthless cycle, which ultimately led to Khaira's goal and help for Nuge's efforts. Even though he had only one shot, only 36% was on the drum. He won the key game on the wall at the Chiasson goal, if he got 3rd help, he would earn it.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 6. A very solid 2-way game. It was well deserved to help Khaira's goal, which played a decisive role in the preview and eventually passed on the J.J. tape. tape at the top of the ridge. Stripped Myers in a package in 1 .. Blocked 2 arrows. He could not create one in the other direction.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. His persistent pretext led him to his own goal to compete in the 3rd game. In this sequence, others played on ice. But Jujhar Kharia started with a wonderful defensive game and turned north. Then he had many contacts along the walls in the attack zone before finally defeating Connor Hellebuyck. He lost his check twice on the goal of Jets 1st Power. But too, J.J. was a plus. He has 6 points in 7 matches.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 4. Played until his tongue was practically drawn to ice. 20:38 is by far the biggest workload of the season. Completed -2. If you think these two statistics are together, they read: A good D-man, who was third, slightly above his head in the 2nd season against a team like Jets. Although he was honest, he was unhappy that he was 2-1 away from the skate. Prodnik was in the right place on the court.

MATT BENNING. 4. О.К. success of Benning's 2nd list. Blow, 2 hits and block at 18:05. Did he and Gravel persecute a lot? Absolutely. In fact, Matt Benning has more than doubled in cheating with. But in most cases, I felt Benning, but I did not break.

KYLE BRODZIAK. 6. Response defense effort. 56% dots. Speed, hit, block and 2 take-offs at 17:25. Kyle Brodziak was particularly effective in the PK with a score of 3-2 Jets and 97 in the box for one of two visits.

MILAN LUČIĆ. 5. Sound defense game. He led a team with 4 hits. They made the key games in the third period in order to maintain the leading role (then), one was under pressure from his own zone and the other an effective revision that ended the Jets sortie.

ZACK KASSIAN. 5. Tyler Myers ripped from hell on a clear passage. He had 2 shots at 17:10. 2 arrows and a hit.

JASON GARRISON. 2. Hi, Caleb Jones. Garrison's lack of legs caused him to sanction Patrick Laine, the human advantage that Jets took advantage of 1-1. Then there was a big traffic in 3rd place. Extreme luck to end the night +2. For most of his 8:59.

CHRIS WIDEMAN. 5. I've seen the best I've seen in the Oilers jersey quite a bit. 3 arrows, 2 hits and block 11:07. I came close, that I went to the pros and cons (although it narrowly lost). I think you'll take this from Chris Wideman.

RYAN SPOONER. 6. A redirect shootout from the killer area was the second member to become a member of the Oilers, who quickly anchored with Leone Draysitl. Ryan Spooner was the only Oilers player to equalize or break 50% of all CF events (6-6). That says something.

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 4. Drake Caggiula started and finished chaos at the bound goal. The performance was under control with a stick on the Caggiula stick. But the bad advisory game turned away, which led to a 45-second fire extinguishing in the Oilers zone, which ended with the absolute baggage Caggiula, who did not put his man in front. The rest of his game was ok, but this mistake was critical and decisive.

TOBIAS RIEDER. 5. His speed was apparent with a strong defensive effort. I need to remove 2 pixels. He had hit, hit, and block at only 10:06.

Edmonton Oilers is staying at West Point at 37 points and playing in Vegas. Tomorrow they will battle broken brooms, secondly, from behind to back.

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