Coach Raptors Nick Nurse: Kawhi could soon start playing back on his back


Kawhi Leonard did a lot in the first few months with Toronto Raptors. Fifth is in the rankings, a legitimate MVP candidate and has helped turn Raptors into favorites that appeared at the Eastern Conference.

One thing that has not yet been done is playing in the evenings. Something that Nick Nurse, the head coach says, may soon change.

"I think we are there, but I do not know whether we will do it or not," Sister said during a meeting Wednesday Prime Time Sports.

One year ago, Leonard in nine games with San Antonio Spurs agreed, largely due to problems with injuries, so Raptors decided to be cautious at Leonardo in the beginning of the season.

The nurse said she was thinking about playing Leonard in the evening hours against Warriors and Clippers, but that did not work out.

"After each match, we get Alex McKechnie, the head of sports science and team physicians and Kawhi who only watch and see how he feels and decides," explained Nurse. "I think if I said," I feel great. I'm ready tomorrow again. Let's do this, "we probably are all over there."

Nurse added that the unanimous opinion of McKechnie, doctors and Leonardo "we are not yet done."

Leonard, on average, reaches 27.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per match, so additional rest does not seem to hinder his performance.

Raptors have four sets of games remaining in their schedule: from 16 to 17 January, from 22 to 23 January, from 10 to 11 March and from 17 to 18 March.

The winners of five of the last six, Raptors, are best-performing NBA 31-12 when they are preparing for Friday's competition against Brooklyn Nets.


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