Call 911 leads to the discovery of 23 dogs at home in Montreal

[ad_1] staff with an Angela Mackenzie report from CTV Montreal

Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 14:34 EST

A man in Quebec has repeatedly called the police to report that he believes his intruder came in.

When the police appeared at home, they found the man he called, no other man and 23 dogs.

Longueuil's police say he called them several times on Wednesday morning from Brossard's home, Que.

"The man was confused and was taken to the hospital [for mental health assessment], "Konst. Melanie Mercille told CTV Montreal.

After dealing with a man, the police directed their attention to 23 dogs inside and outside the home, including seven who were tied to jobs in the yard.

Police believe that the conditions in the home were dirty and stinky, but it was not immediately clear whether the dogs were bad. Animal welfare officials are expected to arrive home on Wednesday afternoon to inspect the animals.


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