Calgary cops on the scene of a bad pedestrian


On Wednesday morning, he was in a hospital in a potentially deadly state of emergency when he hit the truck in N.W.

The police currently has an intersection of 26 Ave. in 5 St. N.W. blocked when explored.

A Calgary EMS representative, Stuart Brideaux, confirmed that around 7:00 am a truck hit a hospital with serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Specialized traffic officials were brought to the venue and the expected traffic in this area will be disturbed for several hours.

Ford's blue truck was seen facing the east on the 26th Ave. In the immediate vicinity of the intersection 5th century. The officers could see the front of the vehicle, as well as numerous objects scattered on the ground.

Pedestrian scene at 26 Ave. in 5 St. N.W. July 9, 2019 Photo: Ryan Rumbolt, Postmedia Network

Genevieve and her family, who refused the name and last name, live only a few houses from the scene.

She said that she heard "unusual noise" around 7 am, followed by the sounds of a dog.

"I thought neighbors were taking care of a dog or something, but then you heard that the sirens came a few minutes later to see the whole scene," she said.

The mother of two said that at the crossing at 26 Ave there was no sign stop. and often sees drivers who are "essentially flying" along the road.

"People keep the sign stop at all times (street 5); people go too fast down the street, "she said. "We have two young children, his terrible. We're pretty careful, but it's a bad juncture. "


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