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Conventional wisdom shows that the other half of the back in the NHL is a tougher game than most others. Oilers did well in this position on Friday night, winning 4-1 over Philadelphia.

The difficulty of the task is not just learning from an old hockey person a young hockey in a chain that disappears into the mist of antiquity in a way that you can not beat them on ice if you can not beat "in the street" or "you need 300 games to know what is a defender. "

Instead, they are supported by concrete data. When Travis Yost talked about this in the past year, a game like Friday's competition between Edmonton and Philadelphia will see a team with an additional rest of 59 percent of the time.

Nevertheless, Ken Hitchcock disagrees with the unanimous position.

"Back to the back is overrated," he said in his availability before the game (and would again turn to his conference after the playground). "In the second half …


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