Boeing brings the first 737 from the Chinese completion site


In the city of Zhoushan, where workers seated the interior for 737 years built in Seattle for sale on the Chinese market, the 100-acre site of Zhoushan is part of the plan of an American aviation company to strengthen ties to what will soon be the world's largest aviation market.

The Chinese factory is the first one for Boeing (BA) outside the United States. It acts as a joint venture between the company and the Chinese commercial airline company (COMAC).

The first 737, which had to be carried out at the factory, were sent to China's airline Air China on Saturday.

"This is an important milestone in Boeing's efforts to deepen its footprint in China, as well as to support the growth of the Chinese aviation industry, opening up a period of cooperation," said Zhao Yuerang, president of COMAC.

The critics of the new Boeing facility say that we are tackling the work done by US workers abroad and giving China a valuable insight into the production of the jetliner.

Expanding its presence in China is crucial for Boeing to remain competitive with Europe's competitive Airbus.

China is on its way to surpass the United States as the world's largest aviation by 2022, which, according to the International Air Transport Association, is ahead of schedule, as expected.

Boeing estimates that in the next 20 years, China will need 7,680 new aircraft worth $ 1.2 trillion, plus a commercial service of $ 1.5 trillion to support new fleets.

But Boeing, the world's largest exporter, came to the forefront of the war of trade this year when President Donald Trump led his administration to target Chinese treasuries billions of dollars in order to punish the country for what Trump calls unfair trading practices.
China has responded in nature, and for months it has increased tit-for-tat. Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed on a temporary ceasefire this month as officials are involved in the negotiation of a wider agreement.
"I am nervous about the situation? Yes, of course. This is a challenging environment," he told reporters John Bruns, president of Boeing China, on Saturday, according to Reuters.

Trump also went to American companies to build factories abroad.

Last year Boeing's Boeing Chairman Dennis Muilenburg set up a Chinese end-of-life website that has been operating since 2015 as a blessing for US production.

"In China, we can increase the volume and increase sales, as increasing sales in China are increasing construction aircraft in the US, which are American manufacturing companies," he said.


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