Becky Lynch on creating a history that is "man", and why it's over


Becky Lynch was today a guest E & C's Under Exception. The SmackDown Women's Champion has opened countless professional themes related to the hands. The conversation was Lynch's first WWE Hall of Famer Edge of two verbal sparred on the SmackDown 1000. Highlights appear below.

About creating history and being a "man":

To be honest, I find it incredible, and I did it. As you said, everyone is going away, but it's rare to do it at this stage, which I can and at this level, and that's one thing for another. It changed the name of Divas to the address of Women and it was the first, then it was and was the first female champion SmackDown, the first woman on SmackDown, and the first woman at the main SmackDown Live event to do it in a steel cage and then we have money in the game of the bank. It just kept flowing and if anyone wondered why I was calling myself, it was because I was creating history from the time I entered this place. I'm a man.

About the support of the fans and this year's money in the bank:

So, in 2017, it was not my best year with any section of imagination, but I never felt like I even lost fans. I felt that they were all the time all the time and although I did not listen to TV on a large scale or were not on the most victorious competitions in the WWE, it seemed to me that they were always there and never turned to me. They never coughed me or I was sucked. They always believed in me and even if they were a little quieter (because I did not do anything, I did not do anything to gather them behind me) I always felt that, no matter what, I liked them and I liked them, and then, when there was money in the bank, they only showed their support in a way that was undisputed to think that everyone had to turn around and go: "Wait a minute, there is something, something is happening. There is a connection, which can no longer be ignored. & # 39;

Why it Happened:

I think that's why it goes home with people because it's real. Not manufactured. All the frustrations, all the feelings that you overlook to work your ass day and day out, the week of the week, and see that other people get opportunities over you and again and in the end just say: "Enough enough. I've been working so hard as I can and I earn as many times as anyone else and if no one will give it to me, then I will take it. "I think anyone can deal with this frustration.

At the main event WrestleMania 35 w / Ronda Rousey:

Absolutely [it can happen this year] and I will say that for this reason and not about gender. It's about who are the most popular and interesting Superstars we have on the list and now, I can not think of two people who have higher ratings and an interest in them than I and Ronda [Rousey]. For this reason and for this alone alone, the main event should be, and if someone else could speed up and entertain as much as my own goodness, but this will not happen because this is my city and I "do not allow , so that someone else might take it.

I listened to more interest than anyone in the last memory, and it's over the board; on television, in social media, on interviews in the background, in interviews, on the Edge & Christian subculture, I was even more interested in the left, right and middle. I think there is only one person who can step on this record. There is only one person who is "man" and "man" should be the main event of WrestleMania.

Must be [the main event], but here is the thing, you can be selected what you want, but we are out there, thousands of people out there, thousands of people, millions of people on television, and I think that there should be people who choose who is the main event of WrestleMania and this they did.

On her WrestleMania 35 predictions:

My prediction is that I support what I have said, as I have done in the last few months and that I will leave from there as a women's champion, so if we look at the road, I will probably be a double champion: champion champion. I will go there as a SmackDown female champion and a RAW female champion. I'll wear the entire company on my back and go straight from there like an ass [laughter].

(Preface: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

Lynch also discussed her experiences in the history of WWE's first ever women pay-per-view Evolution, as well as in the early years of professional wrestling. Readers can listen to subcategories E & C below below:

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