Beal has 14 points, Wizards have 76eres


WASHINGTON – Bradley Beal reached 14 points in the fourth quarter and finished 34th in order to help Washington Wizards beat Philadelphia 76ers 123-106 on Wednesday night to split their home and home sets.

Otto Porter Jr. he added 23 points and most of all returned with a quadriceps injury this month, and Trevor Ariza was 17.

Joel Embiid had 35 points and 14 rebounds for the 76ers. There were 23 turnovers and they had four winning series.

Jimmy Butler added 23 points, Ben Simmons scored 15 points and 10 rebounds for Philadelphia. The night after hitting more than half of her 31 attempts outside the arch, Philadelphia shot 8 of 27 from a 3-point range, with 3 out of 20 in the first three quarters.

Following Washington's 26-point leadership in the third quarter, he was fourth in number 12, and Beal dropped out of Philadelphia 14-5 to reach 116-95 with 4:22. Beal was 6 out of 11 from the 3-point range and 13 out of 21 in the field.

The wizards started 9-0 and 18-3 in the first half to build the lead, which was much more than 20 before the break, and then led 26, after having beaten 76ers 11-0 in the third quarter.


A significant contender of the 76ers fans showed their presence. This included presentations of Wizards players and scans "E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!"


In the 32-second stretch, Washington took two technical failures early in third place. Thomas Bryant hung him too much for hanging on the ring after Jeff Green got the second to discuss. In the second quarter, coach Brett Brown also took the technology to discuss the call.


76ers: J.J. Redick (back) lost the second consecutive game, but Brown does not expect his absence to last for a long time. "With JJ, we are in a kind of hyper-sensitive mode," Brown said of his most productive 3-point shooter. "He's so important."

Wizards: Ice 25-20 after the first quarter despite having made seven traffic. … Porter Jr. he played with an inflamed right hand after being injured Tuesday night in Philadelphia.


76ers: Hosted Atlanta on Friday night.

Wizards: Milwaukee hosts Friday night.


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