"Be a Man!": Indigenous protesters attack Justin Trudeau at B.C. Town Hall


"I do not want to see your crocodile tears!"

This was one of the many remarks that the autochthonous protesters confronted with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Town House at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. on Tuesday night.

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The town hall came in the same week when 14 people were arrested in the northwest of the province when they protested against the construction of a gas pipeline for natural gas prepared by the coastal GasLink, a key infrastructure for the LNG Canada project.

Arrests came on Monday, the same day Mounties had established B.c. The Supreme Court order requiring that all obstacles to the project be removed near the bridge on the forest service road running south of Houston.

Further developments occurred on Wednesday when hereditary chiefs of the people Wet Sovereign said that they would open the door to the checkpoints that they placed on what is known as the camp Unistoten, a long-standing structure intended for preventing the construction of a gas pipeline.

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Trudeau mainly addressed the friendly audience – including the questions "Which is your favorite part of the day?" – from the frustrations on the pipelines and the federal government's approach to climate change and the first nations.

The first to attack Trudeau was Will George, a member of the Tsleil-Waututh nation.

"You lied about being a leader of the climate. Do not build pipelines because you're a climber leader, "said George.

"You want truth and reconciliation with the First Nations and we arrest our people."

Trudeau, who answered the issue of oil and gas emissions, asked George to "respect" the audience's ability to ask a question. But George continued.

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"You are a liar and a weak leader. What do you say to your children? Pipelines do not create climber leaders, "he said.

"I apologize, I will no longer listen to your lies, you are a weak leader and a liar and you are not welcome here."

Trudeau later confronted the question of a woman named Tilly who identified himself as a member of the Stl & # 39; nlx imx Nation.

"What will you do to stop the oppression and retention of our people under your colonization," she asked.

"When will you return our rights back to us, when will you begin to give away who we are as people, and not just to see us for our land?"

Trudeau replied that Canada has a "long and unsuccessful history of autochthon residents" as it says that "the country as a state is unsuccessful in order to fulfill the spirit and purpose of contracts".

"We did not treat the indigenous peoples as partners and administrators of this country."

Trudeau said that the federal government focuses primarily on two areas of indigenous peoples: services and relations.

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He began to talk about how "too many indigenous communities exist under the hot water consultants" when Tilly intervened.

"You're afraid you'll lose comfort," she said.

"No, I'm not, Tilly," Trudeau replied.

"I am ready to work in partnership with you, and this is what we have been working with you in the last three years."

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The couple continued to exchange words, Tilly said: "I do not want to see your crocodile tears, I do not want to see you apologize."

She said she wanted to "fix" that she asked "on behalf of my people".

The other Protestant cried out: "Be a man! Be a man! "

Trudeau then said: "We must be respectful of all who came here tonight to get involved in this conversation."

He further said that no one checked the autochthonous population when the Canadian railways were established.

"No one has checked with people who have been living here for millennia, can we at a certain place reject the railroad," said Trudeau.

"This is not the way to keep things going."

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