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The animation team for the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse knew that it must be different.

"I think we all knew that the first question we asked from the door was why we did another" Spider-Man "?, said Joshua Beveridge, animation animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks, with laughter.

"We wanted this to be visually obvious, because in animation you can not do all kinds of things that you can not do in any other medium."

After six live action movies that appeared online for the last 15 years, the team felt that the new offer had to look absolutely unique. The new style of animation also corresponded to a story focusing on Miles Morales, a Brooklyn teen of African-American and Puerto Rican heritage, bites the radioactive spider.

Animators, who were mainly in Vancouver, ultimately created a creative technique that is grateful. They used a computer-generated animation to create aesthetics that looked like a mixture of traditional hand-made animation and CG, although it found out how to do a hand-made line of work over three-dimensional characters.

"We aesthetically unite those mixed media," he said. "I think that many of the ingredients we have used existed in other places, but this combination is new."

Beveridge, 36, is based in Culver City, California, but most animated teams with 180 people on this film from Vancouver, he said.

"There's a muscle and a heart, there's a whole crew there. The film was actually made there," he said.

Vancouver is booming as a graphic hot spot with about 60 animation and visual effects studios. It helps the city to be diversified, has strong art schools and is an attractive place to live, says Beveridge.

The film pushes boundaries with its contents and its style. On the basis of comic characters created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, the film follows Morales when he develops superpowers, including camouflage that stick to objects and incredible hearing.

But when criminalist Kingpin develops a nuclear supercollider that opens a portal to other universes, various versions of Spider-Man are drawn into the Morales world. Older Peter Parker appears in addition to a number of new spiders heroes, including Penny Parker with inspiration with anime.

Beveridge said that there are dramatic moments in the story that help to raise animated films as a genre.

"The animation has always been somewhat redirected to the kiddie table, in the sense that the movie is only for children, and because Spider-Man is beyond that expectation – he is someone who is more aware of how to start – more mature and becomes more for everyone. "

Five years ago, the film released the critics. Beveridge said he was relieved because he felt nervous to receive it.

"We knew we were risking. We wanted something different and when you've been living with these decisions for a long time, you eventually doubted that you also live," he said.

"One of the lessons I go after after finishing the project is: In art, if you live in fear, it probably means that you are at something."


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Spanish prosecutors charged Shakira's pop star with tax evasion because he is expected to pay no more than 14.5 million euros (16.3 million euros) between 2012 and 2014. The Colombian singer rejected the accusations.

The indictment, which was published on Friday, states that Shakira has listed Bahamas as her official residence for tax purposes during these years, but she actually lived in Spain with her partner, Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

Tax rates in the Bahamas are much lower than in Spain.

In her statement on Friday, Shakira said that her representatives were not legally resident in Spain during the years concerned and did not pay back to the Spanish tax authorities anything they use as a "scapegoat" to scare other taxpayers.

The prosecutors in Barcelona said that traveling abroad was short-lived because of professional obligations, while staying in Spain for most of the year. They want her to pay tax in Spain according to her world income.

Shakira has officially moved to Spain for tax purposes in 2015, after Pique had two children.

The judge will assess whether there is enough evidence to bring Shakira to trial.

Prosecutors want Shakira to pay a bond in the amount of 19.4 million euros – an amount that they say is owed, and 33 percent in accordance with Spanish law. Otherwise, they recommend the freezing of the assets of its assets to this amount.

Shakira was named in the Desert Paradise Papers, which described the offshore tax arrangements of many individuals, including music stars such as Madonna and Bono U2.

The documents were received by the German Diary of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and searched by the Spanish newsletter El Confidencial.

Spanish tax authorities sent their investigation to the Barcelona prosecutor's office a year ago.

December 14, 2018 / 10:44 | Story:

For their Christmas cards, British officials issued photographs chosen by members of the royal family.

Prince William and his wife Kate are portrayed outside in casual clothes, their three young children in tow. Prince Harry and Meghan chose a black and white motif that shows the newlyweds who admire the fireworks at their evening wedding reception in May.

For the burning garden gardener Prince Charles and his wife Camillo, the choice was a photo showing how they were hunting each other while sitting on a bench surrounded by greenery.

And Queen Elizabeth II? Officials of the Buckingham Palace say there are no plans to issue a card image used by the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip.


December 14, 2018/6: 47 | Story:

Keira Knightley received OBE for her drama and charity services from the British royal prince Charles at the Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

The Star Atonement was awarded the British Empire's Award after being honored as a recipient of honor on the list of this year's royal birthdays.

She was recognized for her Hollywood film career and for working with charity institutions.

Keira was dressed in a pale yellow dress dressed by Chanel and a competition cap lying on the top of her head and placed for the pictures before the event along with her parents, the playwright, Sharman Macdonald, and actress father Will Knightley and her husband Klaxons star James So forth.

While Ambassador Chanel Keira was perfectly presented for her special moments with Prince Charles, James, who stepped in with the Royal Protocol because he had no tie with his gray morning dress.

The star was nominated twice for Oscar, who won the 2006 Prize and Prejudice Prize and Best Motion Picture Award nominee for The Imitation Game in 2014.

The 33-year-old was a supporter of charity organizations Oxfam and WaterAid.

While traveling to the refugee camp in southern Sudan in 2014, Keira has asked for help for those who live in poor conditions in Jonglei. The conflict has taken 1.5 million people out of their homes to temporary camps.

"They love their children, as we do, they want education, they want to give them a safe home and freedom to run in security," said the old woman Colette. "They look instead, helpless, because their little one plays after the sewers" there is nowhere after them ".

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Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks are among the legendary musicals to be introduced next year at Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.

Together Again hitmaker, 52, will join her to read Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael and Tito, introduced in 1997 as The Jackson 5. Stevie is already a member of her Fleetwood Mac band, but will now own her own right.

After hearing the news, Janet told Rolling Stone magazine: "Thanks to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm really honored and I'm happy to be there with my brothers."

Michael was also introduced as an independent artist in 2001.

Singer Rumors, 70, said she was pleased that she was recognized for her independent work as well as for fronting Fleetwood Mac.

"I have a lot of things to say about this," she said in a statement, "but I will solve these words later. For now, I will say that I have been in the band since 1968. In order to be recognized for my solo work, I take a deep breath and smiles. This is a wonderful feeling. "

Stevie is now the only woman to enter the Hall of Fame twice.

Other actors who joined them at the opening ceremony at the Brooklyn Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York in March, include British band Radiohead, Def Leppard, The Cure, Roxy Music and The Zombies.

Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of the first album or single. Kraftwerk, Todd Rundgren, Rage Against the Machine, Rufus & Chaka Khan and LL Cool J were nominated for the year 2019, but did not select musical icons and experts.

Def Leppard rocker Joe Elliott, whose band is at the top of the fans' pre-selection, said: "It's wonderful to be in the same club as Rolling Stones, Beatles and The Who and Queen … It's a nice badge of honor."

The new Hall of Fame members are asked to perform at their opening ceremony.

December 14, 2018 / 6:44 | Story:

Lenny Kravitz admitted he had recently wearing the same equipment for 30 consecutive days.

The Grammy Award winner performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night where he promoted his new album, Raise Vibration, which he made in a small town in the Bahamas.

During the chat, Lenny explained that he enjoyed writing a song surrounded by nature, and may even change the month without changing clothes.

"I'm completely honest with you, I'm coming to this thing because when you're on a tour and when you're doing all these things, you change clothes every night, you can not wear the same dress that you wear yesterday evening," he said. "So, I get there and I'm like," The screw, I do not change clothes, I do not want to change clothes. "I worked the same jeans and jeans a t-shirt for 30 days. When it comes to a point where I can not withstand, I will squeeze the tube and get Dr. Bronner's bottle soap … and wash them, throw them, throw them on the rock, leave , to dry for one hour, put them back and carry them for 30 more days. "

Lenny explained that because of his unconventional equipment, it is easy to see on the island. However, the locals are so "milder" that they care about what they wear or what they do.

"I know that I'm doing this thing in this world, but I do not care, they're not excited. They think it's funny when fans like me say," We're looking for Lenny Kravitz, where can we find it? (You will say): "Lenny, are you looking for Lenny? A guy who does not bathe and wears the same clothing for a month and does not have shoes?" He was 54 years old laughing.

In addition, Lenny cried that he rarely likes his neighbor when he invites famous friends, even if they are one of The Rolling Stones.

"Once I took Mick Jagger into my place, I took him to a friend's house and sat and the man offered us something for a drink and he looks at Mick and goes:" And what are you doing then? "He smiled.

December 14, 2018/6: 42 | Story:

At one of her events at the beginning of this year, Taylor Swift used hidden face recognition technology to recognize known stalkers.

The Bad Blood attacker was stunned by stalker problems, and in the past, a man was pleased with a knife and ammunition outside her home in Los Angeles.

According to Rolling Stone, at the Taylor concert at Rose Bowl in Pasadena in May, young fans took a kiosk that shows stars of the stars – where the hidden camera secretly scans faces to cross-refer to the database of hundreds of famous stalkers at Nashville Command Station. "

Mike Downing, Chief Security Officer Oak View Group, Advisory Board for Main Concert Venues, says to the magazine: "Anyone who went there would stop and look at this, and the software would start working."

He claims that he attended a concert to witness the launch of new stalk prevention software. Ticketmaster's chiefs are also considering the use of face recognition technologies at concerts, but they say they will be cautious about its implementation due to privacy concerns.

Taylor's representatives did not respond to a comment request.

Last week, a man who went to Swift's Town Hall in New York and slept for six months after being found guilty of a number of attempted burglaries and one criminal scorn.

Obsessed fans are a constant threat to the 29-year-old singer, and in addition to unwanted visits at home, a man at one of her concerts in Austin, Texas, in 2016, after having arrested his family with wrong e-mails.

Other stars who had to look out for stalkers were British pop star Lily Allen, who talked about the traumas suffered by desperate mum Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry.

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Jason Momoa tried to find work after playing the Game of Thrones, while the directors assumed that he did not speak English.

Hunky Hawaiian won the legions of fans like the nomad king of the warrior Khal Drogo in a series of fantasy hits – but he spoke mainly in the inventive language.

As a result, when the 39-year-old character was destroyed at the end of the first season, he tried to become effective jobs.

"After that I did not have much work," said visiting guest U.K. host Graham Norton. "I mean, what are you doing with this – he does not speak English, he is not funny and just hurts people. I played this character, so it was a little difficult later. People would literally say:" Wow, you speak English! & # 39; "

Jason, who has two daughters, Lola Iolani, 11, and Nakoa-Wolf, 10, and her actress Lisa Bonet, admit that his supposedly charming role has left him to fight for money.

It explains: "2013 and I literally broke up – but the future would be bright! I could not fly anyone to anybody and I can not keep the secrets to save my life. It was very difficult for me, I'm glad we are here."

Luckily, he is now the star of the super-soundtrack of Blockbuster Aquaman, but he kept watching his biggest moment as long as he can not do this with his children.

"I have two children aged 10 and 11," she adds. "They were made for the entire recording and promised me that I will not watch them until I see them with them. I want to share it with my children and sit and hold hands – this is a rare moment for the Father and in general they can not watch things I do! "

Aquaman is now in the cinema.

December 14, 2018/6: 36 | Story:

Mommy Jennifer Lopez hit the fans in the head to get an autograph of the singer on Wednesday.

The actress adored fans when she arrived outside Sirius Radio in New York to promote her new film Second Act on Wednesday. When the singer broke through the chaotic nest, she signed autographs for lovers, followed by her mother Guadalupe, who accidentally hit his head with an autographer who photographed the clipboard.

Videos show Guadalupe, holding the right side of the head with his hand, as Jennifer stops signing and is worried about her mother. Security men then create a wider path through the crowd, such as Jennifer and Guadalupe, and Jennifer puts his hand on her mother's shoulders as she drives her through chaos shaking her head when it goes.

This is not the only complicated fan that Jennifer had during her publicity tour under another law. On Tuesday, she went to the AMC Bay Plaza 13 cinema in Bronx, New York, where she grew up, the surprise of fans watching the advanced show of the film, and when she embraced the fans and set out for self-confidence, moving for a kiss on her face.

Jennifer, who laughed at the meeting, told Entertainment Tonight why she chose the scene.

"We're all going to be surprised! We're in the Bronx, I went to the cinema!" she said. "I think people know that I will somehow take that Bronx flag with me, wherever I go, this Jenny from the block, that's just who I am. So when I come back here and bring what I do and show it and I share, it has only a little nostalgic, pleasant, soft feeling for me. "

They brought with the boy Alex Rodriguez and co-stars Leah Remini, Treat Williams and Vanessa Hudgens.

December 14, 2018/6: 30 | Story:

Kanye West does not send the divine fan Drake.

On Thursday, the West appeared in a row with a colleague of horses in a series of tweets, claiming that Drake called to threaten him.

The West wrote: "So dear, if anything happens to me or anyone from my family, you are the first suspect.

West allegedly Drake was an audience that ran on the stage at the November concert in Toronto and collected his fellow pianoforte Pušo T with liquid.

Drake did not post a reply. A member looking for a comment was sent to the representative of Drake.

This year, the rappers felt, but West apologized to Drake in September.

December 13, 2018 / 13:10 | Story:

The film is not necessarily a great moment.

Of course, they do not exclude each other, but a great movie moment is something more sophisticated – a few minutes of pure, inexplicable joy or even an invertebrate unbeliever that you want to re-visit immediately. This is the type of scene that you are accelerating ahead, the type you want to see again with friends and family that becomes meme.

Here we look at some of our favorite movie moments from 2018, which stayed with us long after the loans were spinning. Possible spoilers can be followed.


Almost literally goosebumps are a good sign that you have just seen a pretty breathtaking movie moment. This happens every time I watch an electrically "shallow" scene in the movie "The Star Is Born" and, especially when Alia Lady Gaga takes a deep breath and goes on stage to join Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine and show her the song before thousands of people.


Okay, so "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" is barely embedded in the film, but there are enough moments that encourage the smile to give it a pass. Is this year a more pleasing end to the film than if young and old versions of all characters meet to sing and dance to "Super Trouper"? A little voice in your head could ask: Are they all dead? And why is so much metal in the heavens? But Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard and Colin Firth appear from the bottom in a bar, beer in hand, and on top pressed to their abdominal buttons and logical examination just a sort of cleavage.


In a film full of fanboy's pampering and film nostalgia, Steven Spielberg, with his own idol Stanley Kubrick, re-created The Shining's "Ready Player One" hotel and spin on it. Spielberg would never let the marriage fit with his narration, so instead of full re-irrigation he withdraws.


Often, you do not seem to really wonder what will happen in a great superhero movie, but "Black Panther" has kept the audience guessing and nothing more than one of the toughest and most interesting scenes of the year when Michael B. Jordanian Erik Killmonger – one of the greatest filmmakers – the challenge of Chadwick Bosman T & # 39; Challa for the throne, disarms the ruler first with his own words before fighting for the kingdom.


Is there anything more unpleasant than having fun in high school? What about those who invited you just because the mother of a popular girl joins your father? That's what Kayla (Elsie Fisher) is fighting with Bo Burnham's "eighth grade". Burnham's camera where she places the audience with Kaylo when she goes through the house and on the carnival adventure outside, and we let her smooth and root through every agonizing moment.


"The Hate U Give" is a drama, of course, but some are moments of wonderful, heart-shaped vibrations that may not be visible to the audience just from the logo or trailer. In fact, some of the best scenes are lighter, including the moment when Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) is a stupid nonsense, Mav Carter (Russell Hornsby) explains how Hogwarts houses like gangs.


The exceptionally friendly bear from the Darkest Peruvian is confronted with one of its biggest challenges when it ends in a slammer with some unpleasant cell blocks, while a little marmalade magic in the kitchen raises everyday brandy, including Brendan Gleeson's Knuckles McGinty.


Was anyone more completely, completely committed to such a bizarre character this year as Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom? Do not look further from the scene that's out there where it's hungry, Eddie jumps into the reservoir in a live lobster in a fancy restaurant and takes a bite from one crab. This is an image that I would like to forget, in fact, and yet …


Olivia West Highland White Terrier consolidated her star status in "widows", but her fake role only at the beginning of this year was Jesse Plemons, Bastian, in "Game Night", where she has an accident that she is in the same room as a bleeding Max (Jason Bateman), one of the fun moments of the year. Max observes that his blood drops on a snow white puppy and tries to dry it out with water. Of course this makes a little Westie pink and wet and itching to shake.


Pump. Feed. Change the diaper. Remove the diaper. Repeat. Jason Reitman and star Charlize Theron through a monotonous repetition of life with a newborn baby in a beautifully designed assembly in "Tully". It's funny, dark and real. Since you are sometimes so tired, you accidentally drop your phone to your child.

The Okanagan Symphony Orchestra selected some of the most popular festive stories that helped celebrate the spirit of Yuletid with words and music.

Her concerts of the Yuletide Tales will show talents from the entire valley, among them Baritone and narrator Garry Gable, massive youth choir and OSO players.

After a lively introduction with Leroy Anderson's Christmas Festival, on stage will be three classic stories: the charming memories of Dylan Thomas about his children's holidays in Wales, the oldest descriptions of Santa Claus in "Twas Night Before Christmas" and others. Seuss' classic "How Grinch steal Christmas."

The orchestra will also feature the Okanagan Symphony Youth Choir.

"Singing with OSO is a completely different experience. It's so exciting to be part of something bigger than us and to listen to our musical pieces in different instruments," says KSS student Charlotte Cruse.

OSO Music Director Rosemary Thomson says: "I can not wait to share the stage with our Okanagan Symphony Youth Chorus and guest artist Garry Gable (who will direct his inner Boris Karloff) when we bring these classical stories into musical life. The pleasure is to practice these pieces and happy to share the spirit of the holidays with our audience for a fun filled celebration. "

  • Center for Performing Arts Vernon – Thursday, Dec. 20, 7. TicketSeller 250-549-7469.
  • Kelowna Community Theater – Friday, December 21, 7:30 pm Kelowna tickets 250-862-2867.
  • Cleland Theater Penticton – Saturday, Dec 22nd, 2. Tickets 250-862-2867.

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