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According to news future Fate Bungie will announce the game itself, as the developer shares his franchise deal with Activision publisher, Blizzard says that BattleNet will continue to support Fate 2 on the computer. In a statement today, Activision and Bungie said that both companies would be involved in the transition Fate franchise problems, and it seems to be part of this to ensure that the current continuation will be fully supported on BattleNet.

Blizzard is a tweetal confirmation of the support that ensures that they play Fate 2 on the PC, that the split between Bungie and Activision will not affect the current game.

Ob Fate 2 on BattleNet was a big deal for Bungie back when it was announced before the start of the game, with Blizzard and Activision giving the game strong support as Fate The game started for the first time on a PC by continuing. In fact, Fate 2 the only non-Blizzard game was at the beginning, which was presented at BattleNet.

Obviously, while BattleNet will continue to support Fate 2 because the game was released by Activision, it is very unlikely Fate 3 will future games remain on BattleNet. As Bungie goes on a self-adventure route, it is likely that the franchise will move to other, more open online services, such as Steam.

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Although it has long been unknown Fate 2The lifetime will be, the annual ticket of the game will cover additional content until the autumn of this year. One analyst says that Fate 3 in 2020, and that would be the first Bungie's self-announcement Fate game. Depending on how things were happening with the population of players in Fate 1 when Fate 2 it is likely that the vast majority of players will jump on Fate 3 and leave Fate 2 quick. It's not known how long Battlenet will continue to support Fate 2, if at all, once Fate 3 for now, but the game and its players are still ready for full service support.

Fate 2 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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