Thursday , July 29 2021

Baidu built AI Cat shelter for Strays care

Among all the news on the scenarios of the distorted day of the day and the mass surveillance of the population, it is easy to forget the fact that in some cases AI and face recognition can be used positively. An exemplary example: the Chinese Internet Power Plant Baidu has created a shelter for AI cats.

The shelter equipped with toys, the regular dispatch of food and water, and the warm sleeping areas, enables the identification of the cat's face for access. He can also check his guests for various diseases and assess whether they have been castrated or not. If he identifies a sick cat, a message is sent to the nearby voluntary organization to take the stray animals to come and give the necessary help.

baidu shelter of catsThe project was triggered by Baidu's employee Wan Xi, after discovering a small cat that was under his car in winter. After taking the cat to the veterinarians, he decided to use his technological knowledge and experience in order to improve the situation for other homeless people.

Baidu's development is particularly important for the population of cats in North China, with temperatures below zero and problems in obtaining food Dongbei news they estimate that only 4 out of 10 stray cats can pass through the winter in the north-eastern regions of the country. And you do not need to be "ximao" (literally "breathe cats," a Chinese jargon expression that links cow's affection to drug addiction) in order to help Baidu's task to change these statistics.

But this is enough text – bring cute feline pics / gif:

and a cat sheltering face recognition baiduand a shelter for china baidu catsAll images from Baidu Baijiahao.

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