Apple's original TV shows should not be free – plus $ 9.99 for HBO, Starz, Showtime


Tomorrow, Apple will announce its strategy for services at the event, which will reveal its subscription to Apple News and its television streaming platform. After a long report from. T Wall Street JournalIt appears that the company has negotiated HBO, Showtime and Starz premium channels for a standardized $ 9.99 monthly subscription, which will charge $ 9.99 for its news service, and is likely to charge access to the original content It has been reported that it would be free to Apple users.

It is expected that Apple will present its original content efforts tomorrow WSJ says she will show footage from some of her future television shows and tell her that Apple will charge a fee for this programming. These performances will live on a new TV app, described as "Killer Netflix" and will offer users an easy way to subscribe to subscriptions to premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz.

The company was working to attract the said networks to its services through which Apple will sell subscriptions at a standardized monthly interest rate of $ 9.99 for each. If it's accurate, this will be a discount for channels such as HBO and Showtime, which charge $ 15 and $ 10.99 per month. Starz charges $ 8.99 per month. Netflix will not be part of the platform. The report states that Apple tried to connect with Disney to launch the streaming service, and when this did not happen, he thought of getting Disney or Netflix.

Apple is expected to negotiate with manufacturers to offer Roku and smart TVs to enable the company to transfer its programs to a wider range of customers. This year, Apple surprisingly moved iTunes to a number of smart TVs, which would allow Apple to offer its programs to new customers. Apple has already used this strategy for Apple Music, which allows users to play music on the Amazon Echo and Fire TV speakers.

In addition to efforts to stream television programs, Apple will announce $ 9.99 for its new Apple News service, described as "Netflix for News". This app will allow users to access a type of publications for a monthly subscription, although some major publishers, such as New York Times in Washington Post you do not intend to participate. Last year, Apple bought a Digital Texture magazine that offered readers access to 200 magazines for the same price. The company will also announce a gaming subscription service that will unite iOS games for users on Monday.

The WSJ also details of Apple's pressure on services that arose when the company reported the first drop in revenues in the first decade. The CEO of Apple, who began to push the "strategy of services in the late years of 2017", to move the company in that direction, compared it with Steve Jobs's efforts to move the company into the production of mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. The company is facing global competition with competing device manufacturers around the world, while the content and services market has continued to increase in recent years.

Last week, the Motion Picture Motion Picture Association reported that streaming television subscriptions exceeded cable subscriptions and that the home entertainment market grew by 24 percent and 34 percent in US and worldwide markets. But when Apple jumps to the original content market, it also faces many competitors, such as Amazon, Disney, NBCUniversal and Netflix, all of which produce their own exclusive content, or are in the process of their own platforms.


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