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The way you watch TV will change again. Or, at least, Apple hopes. As usual, the iPhone maker is hacked when it comes to details, but with teaser tweet displaying classic film countdown discs and tagline "is to show time", the expectations are high that the company will finally announce its long rumors of streaming television services.

Apple has a vision of launching video services from introducing video content to iTunes and introducing Apple TV's first devices in 2006 to long-standing rumors of a subscription product that is competitive with Netflix.

If Apple publishes a streaming service, it will enter an already crowded and incredibly competitive space. Streaming the original TV is a harder job, and Apple will need some great exclusive content to order subscribers from large, well-established and international Netflix and Amazon Video services – featuring mega-hits, such as Stranger Things in A man in a high castlein this order. It would also be confronted with the same thing as Hulu, which has not yet expanded globally, but it is an important US service, and Disney's upcoming platform.

But Apple seems to be playing a long game. Already in 2017, the giant, based on Cupertino, received $ 1 billion of original content for its near platform. But what kind of content will this be?

While Apple may be a surprise on Monday, do not expect any of your push-to-push programs. Conservative Apple has already reduced its exclusivity Carpool Karaoke episodes that began last year on Apple's music with a broken down language and vulgarity, and the planned drama Life signs – developed with dr. The tree – was completely postponed due to the fact that Tim Tim Cook, chairman of the board of directors, is "concerned" about the portrayal of the use of cocaine, gun violence and explicit orgies.

Instead, everything that is currently displayed is aimed at a service that is strongly directed towards a family-friendly end of the entertainment spectrum. The recently announced series is Morning show, led by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. It focuses on the American day-to-day entertainment performance with breakfast, and certainly has a star-power – in its shows are also Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Steve Carell and Billy Crudup, but it is currently heard as a more serious recording 30 Rock.

This "background" vibe is likely to pass on a comedy series that into the video game development company. Although still untitled, he developed it It's always sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney. Apple commissioned the project directly to the series, for an unknown number of episodes.

Other similar genteel projects include Dickinsona biographical performance based on poet Emily Dickinson, led by Hailee Steinfeld; Anthology Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon on the stories of immigrants Little America; Small voices, and J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles dramedy; in Central Park, animated music comedy Loren Bouchard, the creator Bob's Burgers.

Apple also agreed on a multi-year deal with Oprah Winfrey. The Queen of Daily Television will "create original programs that cover its unparalleled ability to connect with audiences around the world".

Nevertheless, the offer may be slightly healthier. Apple also provided drama Swagger, based on the life of basketball player Kevin Durant, who will write and direct NotoriousReggie Rock Bythewood and a series of crimes Are you sleeping, which adapts to the novel by Kathleen Barber. Otherwise Shantaram, based on Gregor David Roberts' autobiographical novel, will follow an Australian refugee from jail to India. Apple will also adapt the French series Calls for the Western audience.

It is most likely that they will attract spectators, although Apple's plans for cult and sci-fi programming. One of the leaders here is Steven Spielberg's reboot Incredible stories sci-fi anthology. The original took place in two seasons from 1985, and Apple has provided ten episodes for the updated version. Spielberg remains involved as an executive producer, but by the number of episodes he is little known.

Adjustment of Terry Gilliam Time bandits it also plans to expand the Surrealist film 1981 to its serial form Seefrom Steven Knight's Peaky Blinders and Francis Lawrence's The Hunger Games Aquaman & # 39; s Jason Momoa in the future, where every man was blind, except for a couple of twins. Unnamed series from Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore is also developing.

Apple dreams of taking over Netflix. So, why can not you do a good TV?

The biggest Apple pistol could be Foundation, an ambitious project based on Isaac Asimov's solid science fiction mission. The series is developed by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, who are credited with them Batman begins, Terminator, and Avatar. Asim's universe is a gem of a genre and can compete with nearby Amazons A circle of time or Netflix Cold Adventure Sabrine as the TV genre should be seen.

Perhaps the biggest issue is hanging over Apple's streaming plans, although it's about pricing. With so much competition – especially in an even more fragmented US market – people will want to add another monthly subscription to their expenses. Will Apple even use the monthly subscription model?

Equality of format should also be considered. Currently, Netflix subscribers can access their accounts on almost every device on the market, from phones to gaming consoles or even from applications directly on TVs. If Apple's service is limited to Apple devices or even on iTunes only, it is a barrier to people who are not involved in or the company's technological ecosystem.

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