Thursday , August 5 2021

Apex Legends explores link issues

Apex Legends experiences a connection on all platforms, but acknowledges the situation and strives to eliminate it.

UPDATE 7:00 AM EST The consoles are back! PC players are still waiting for it, although it would be worth trying for an occasional game.

UPDATE 6:16 AM EST – Servers are starting to return, multiple Twitch streamers have noticed that they are returning to matches. However, the performance is still unclear and discoveries are reported in the middle of the game.

The original story is next.

The team announced that they were looking for an unnamed question that affected PC, Xbox and PS4.

The admirer asked whether the issue was a "lobbying relationship", which Apex essentially endorsed.

Apex Legends exploded on the scene from a surprise announcement and a subsequent release on February 4th. The game was downloaded more than 10 million times within the first 72 hours of its availability, with 1 million concurrent accounts that were played during the initial week.

The most important organizations already take into account the potential of Apex's esports, and a listened playlist may soon be on the go.


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