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Anthony Davis, in turn, flushed, got 32 to raise the Pelican over the wolves

NEW ORLEANS – Anthony Davis did not need long to conquer the crowd after he began playing in the time before playing the games, and the first few occasions he had to make.

But Pelikans tried to close the game without Davis definitely leaving the court – and narrowly dragged him.

Davis played for the first time after applying for a deal and had 32 points, nine rebounds and three blocks in 25 minutes, while Pelikans New Orleans beat Minnesota Timberwolves 122-117 on Friday night.

Davis said that they had been interrogated and that he was "definitely clumsy", but added: "This is life, man. Some people will not like it.

"I like the game, love playing," continued Davis. And when he looked at the wardrobe, he added: "Me and all of these guys have a special relationship here, and so I obviously want to be on the floor with them. They wanted me on the floor, and it was as simple as that.

"Other things, outdoor noise, Twitter rants, everything is good," said Davis. "It does not bother me. I want to play and be able to go there and to play the game I love, 25 minutes, it was fun."

Jrue Holiday had 27 points and nine assists, while Kenrich Williams scored 19 points – and in the fourth quarter he led the Pelikan attack when Davis stayed on the bench, although the teams were in a small scale separated by one shot. minutes.

Gentry said he limited Davis's minute because Davis did not play since the cursor on January 18th.

"I will not have it – the first game – 38, 40 minutes," said Gentry. "We were talking about playing between 22 and 25 minutes, so he did not return to the game. I thought he played well in the minutes he was and that he did a great job. It was typical Anthony."

Instead of playing Davis, Alvin Gentry, the pelican coach, sent Julius Randle, who came through a pair of indoor baskets and throws of free throws in recent minutes.

"I think that many people give the opportunity to end the games and are in important positions," Holiday said. "Overall it was a good win."

Karl-Anthony Towns reached 32 points for Minnesota, which fell fourth. Cities shot 12 out of 20, made four out of five 3-point attempts and his run pulled Timberwolves near 114-112 at the last minute. But Randle reacted with one of his late baskets and then bounced off the place he had left with 16 seconds.

Andrew Wiggins had 23 points for Minnesoto, 10 rebounds and seven assists, which improved slightly as New Orleans, but was on the line of free throws 27-16. The Pelikans had 28-7 advantage in fast points, which was helped by 16 Minnesota turnovers, which led to 24 points Pelicans.

Timberwolves played their third game and lost in Orlando on Thursday evening.

"It was a long trip. The guys are tired and they are bouncing, trying to find a way to win," said Taj Gibson. "We came really close, we simply did not have enough to destroy it."

Randle and Time Frazier scored 12 points for New Orleans, who scored two goals.


Timberwolves: Jerryd Bayless sat with pain in the thumb on his right leg. Jeff Teague was available when he stepped out of the bench when he missed eight games with left leg injury. He had 12 points, five assists and four rebounds in 17 minutes. Izaiya Canaan also reached 12.

Pelikans: Randle finished with 12 points. Jahlil Okafor Center was sitting on the left side of the ankle, which happened late in the New Orleans victory in Chicago on Wednesday night. … Guard E & # 39; Twaun Moore was also excluded just before the bruise bruise in the left thigh, which also freed the previous five games.


From the very beginning, Davis was determined to justify his continued presence in court, no matter how embarrassing he was for the franchise, which seemed inclined to continue without him.

Due to pressure from the NBA not to be healthy stars who refused to unload until the trading date on Thursday for this season, the Pelikans announced that Davis would return to the initial setup.

In the first seven minutes he scored 10 points. In the early minutes, he went strong to the edge, while he was smiling and buried, at that moment, he was part of the crowd who cheered, sank to a large extent the birds. Later, when Davis stood on the line where he played free throws, he made a mockery of the crowd while others scandalized: "A-D, A-D!"

At half-time, Davis had 24 points, and his peaks were facing the opposite side of the rim, while he was offending and crashing to the ground on his back. Davis was fine and reached the 30-point mark before the middle of the third quarter.

"The most important thing is that we won, the boys played hard, the guys played together," Davis said. "I'll do everything I can. You know, I'll always be professional at the end of the day. And whenever I step onto the floor, I want to be the best player I can."


"It's kind of hard to cripple someone when he has, 30 points in 20 minutes," Holiday said about how Davis won the crowd.


Timberwolves: You are visiting Clippers in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Pelicans: In Memphis on Saturday night.

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