An exasperation due to the video of the police driving over the deer


Lethbridge Herald on January 9, 2019.

Two deer go through the scenes before the sunset to find shelter in Alexander Wilderness Park on Wednesday night. Herald photography of Greg Bobinec

Tim Kalinowski
Lethbridge Herald
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Frightening continues over a video showing a police officer in Lethbridge who euthanized the damaged deer by repeatedly driving him through his police vehicle.
Resident Edmonton Tara Daubert, a mother left home without official links with animal rights organizations, saw the video late on Tuesday afternoon and felt compelled to launch an online petition in on the site where she requested redundancy. Late on Wednesday afternoon, the petition has already received more than 23,000 signatures.
"I saw the video on the news that triggered outrage at my heart," Daubert told The Herald. "Animals do not have votes, so they usually rely on us to be their voice. I knew that something had to be done. "
Daubert called the actions of the LPS police as "inhuman and abominable act of cruelty".
"I hope ASIRT, when investigated, will consider this petition," she said. "I hope this policeman fires his job. If he is ready to do this animal, in fact, he asks his (judge) that he is a policeman. What he did was unnecessarily harsh and this is not the quality I want with the police officer. A policeman is here to protect the community and is also a model. «
In these remarks, Daubert echoed many people in social media and at least one national animal rights organization.
"Animal cruelty is a very serious crime, and there is no doubt that this poor deer suffered greatly, while the police officer repeatedly led the heavy truck," said lawyer Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, local media on Wednesday. "ASIRT must investigate this alarming event in order to determine whether the cost of the crimes of animal stubbornness should be determined. Police officers are not above the law. On the contrary, they swear that they will obey the law. For this reason, the misuse of the animal by the police officer is very worrying and should be taken very seriously. "
Barb Grodzicky, Director of Lethbridge and the District Humane Society, said that cruelty cases against wildlife exceeded the authority of her organization to investigate, but admitted that they were shaken after viewing the video.
"We've seen a lot of different things with the cruelty of animals," she said. "It's hard to read this story, but the video is very annoying to watch."
Local fish officials and game Alberta, when asked by Herald about the best procedures for humane evanasation of wild animals hit by motorways by vehicles, said they had been instructed not to comment on public cases in this case and awaiting the outcome of the ASIRT investigation.
The press release from ASIRT, which was released on Wednesday afternoon, confirmed that Alberta Fish and Alberta Fish and wild game Alberta will join ASERT in investigating the actions of the officer and invite the public to leave the investigation.
"This case has already received a lot of attention and interest from the public," ASIRT said. "The video footage is alarming, which is why many are marching forward to appeal to various agencies such as ASIRT, FWE, Alberta SPCA, Lethbridge and the District Humane Society, and of course the LPS. We are fortunate that we are part of a Canadian community where people care for the treatment of others, including animals. But this passion should not replace the reason. The situation has increased to the death threats reported to an unidentified officer. These measures are now being investigated by the LPS. "
The police service in Lethbridge demanded peace as the investigation continues.
"We understand that this situation is extremely exciting for the community, and those who have watched the video have been severely affected," LPS said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon. "The LPS takes this matter very seriously and can make it publicly aware that the incident has been fully investigated by the Response Team for Alberta's serious incidents involving Alberta's fish and wildlife and SPCA from Alberta."
Alberta SPCA said it assigned an Okotoks investigator to ASIRT to investigate an incident involving a police officer.
"An altea SPCA official from our Okotoks office has been established, who will have full access to the investigation and will be able to submit proposals (ASIRT)," says the organization's statement. "Given our involvement in the investigation, SPTE of Alberta is not able to offer any further public comments on the matter."
Herald also turned to a woman who recorded a video for this story, but she did not hear it before time.
Late Wednesday afternoon, Ethics Canada announced on Facebook that it will sponsor a protest on Sunday outside the LPS headquarters, which will start at 2 pm on Sunday.
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