Amy Adams refused to embrace Brad Pitt for a noble reason


Amy Adams has won the Golden Globes Awards, the Screen Actors Guild, the Independent Spirit Awards, the Choice Awards and more. She now has another title to add to her growing collection – the first woman who rejects the embrace from Brad Pitt for a legitimate reason.

The actress has arranged it Jimmy Kimmel with an exciting story of a rejection in a Thursday night episode Jimmy Kimmel Live!. While Adams is apparently on the show to discuss her role in the new film Vice President, where her second film was played by former Second Lady Lynne Cheney Vice President opposite a to transform Christian Bale as Dick Cheney ("He's more Dick Cheney than Dick Cheney!" Adams said), it was her story that Brad Pitt is claiming the passage that stole the show.

The production company Pitta B Plan B is a producer Vice President, together with Adam McKay, film writer and director, and his partner Gary Sanchez Productions Will Ferrell and Kevin Messick. Kimmel he wanted to know whether he actually filmed the movie and Adams assured him that Pitt did it. "It came in one day," she explained, pointing out that all women were aware of the fact that the player who was changed was put on a luster and "skipped". All women except Adams, of course. Pitt's visit coincided with the day played by older Lynne Cheney, along with Lynne's 70-year-old lady and a dress that made her look "much more difficult". In the end, Adam was just diagnosed with pink eye. Then she found out Pitt was on the line.

"I've seen him before, but every time you think he'll like that The river flows through it, "Kimmel said." Do you imagine that you really look good in white? But that was not the case. I was in my fat dress with a pink eye. "

When he was greeted with an asterisk, he turned around – but due to pink diagnosis, Adams could not let this happen, and prevented Pitt from giving her a embrace. As she told Kimmel: "And then I became the first woman in history to reject the embrace of Brad Pitt."


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