Amy Adams explains to Kimmel why she had to refuse Brad Pitt!


Amy Adams I stopped Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (December 13th) and explained why she had to refuse embrace Vice President manufacturer Brad Pitt!

The 44-year-old Golden Globe candidate is transformed into a former Second Lady Lynne Cheney in the film opposite the transformed Christian Bale like Dick Cheney. BradPlan B production company is a producer.

"In one day he came," Amy she explained that before she knew that the player who became the producer was determined, all women received a "lip gloss" and "skipped".

"I just had a pink eye diagnosed, and at once I see Brad Pitt," Amy continued. "I've seen him before, but every time you think he'll like that The river flows through it. Do you imagine that you look really good in white? But that was not the case. I was in my fat dress with a pink eye and it was so sweet and it was like, "It's good to see you." He left me to hug me and then I realized that I can not embrace him, I have a pink eye, so I like "no, no" – and then I became the first woman in history to reject the embrace of Brad Pitt. "

Amy Adams has rejected Brad Pitt's enthusiasm

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