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Although it can not be denied AMD produces a lot of hardware, AMD has developed some reputation for fighting the software page of things. Updates to Adrenaline Drivers, which are now an annual phenomenon, are working to resolve these issues by introducing a significant upgrade of AMD software. The last overhaul is called Adrenaline 2019 and here's everything that's new in the update.

VR and mobile flow

Performance improvements to the page, by far the most prominent update AMD announced, support streaming games and even VR addresses for mobile devices.

Mobile VR and gaming has always limited hardware. For example, take the Oculus Go, powered by the 3-year mobile platform Snapdragon 821, we can hardly expect to bring a truly exceptional VR experience. On the other hand, the VR experience requires a beam machine and expensive VR hardware (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.).

With the latest updates of ReLive, AMD's streaming, users will now be able to stream content of the games and the content of the VR directly to the Android or iOS device. Pair the phone with the game controller (Android supports Xbox One and PS4 controllers), and then you can take your favorite game with your computer anywhere around the house with you. Unfortunately, Android TV is not yet supported, so you'll need to connect your phone to your TV to play games on the big screen.

Adrenaline 2019 Software and drivers using GPUs promise an average 15% improvement in efficiency.

Adrenaline 2019 Software and Drivers with GPUs AMD promise an average performance improvement of 15 percent.

These features are not new and Valve introduced a similar feature called Steam Link. However, AMD claims that the solution is better because there are no middlemen – Steam Link needs a Steam app to run – and drivers are better optimized. According to AMD, their solution offers half the latency of competition, which is a limiting factor in streaming playback. Here, the latency refers to the time lag between the player's reaction and the game that actually responds to the screen.

Speaking about streaming playback, ReLive also contains some fixes and updates, including adding live overlay in streaming playback and feature support, such as instant repetition.

Increase efficiency: 15 percent

With Adrenaline vehicles 2019 AMD claims to have squeezed out and an additional 15 percent capacity on average over the older 18.61 drivers. These profits include incredible progress in Battlefield V by 39 percent if you use the RX 570 graphics card.

AMD also spoke about the ReSX project, which targets popular eSports games, such as Fortnite in Overwatch, thereby increasing the speed of imaging and thus reducing the frame time for smoother and more competitive experiences. For those who are not known, the time frame is a more reliable indicator of the performance of the game, as it can indicate whether the performance is tense and unstable. The average frame rate will not show this.

Radeon consultants: help at hand

Another interesting update for AMD drivers is the introduction of so-called "consultants". These are software guides that offer you similar settings to improve the performance of the game or the quality of the image, provide suggestions for upgrading hardware, and so on.

If you press Alt + R with AMD drivers installed, you overlap the overlay system in the game where you can find these advisers. For example, you can use the Game Advisor to evaluate the performance of your game on your computer. If frame timing is inconsistent, we recommend that you specify certain settings. However, if your performance is incredible, the consultant can suggest steps to improve the image quality.

The Radeon Settings Advisor is another interesting feature that suggests settings that can be enabled based on the configuration of your computer. You could suggest that you enable FreeSync if you have a compatible monitor, for example, or even a feature like Super Resolution (which increases image quality) if the hardware can handle it.

Finally, the upgrade advisor analyzes your collection of games and meets the specifications of your computer's specifications. This tool will then suggest hardware upgrades, depending on where the computer has fallen.

The software also has tools for changing the color settings of your screen.

Of course, these tools do not help users who already know what they are doing, but this is not the one for whom they are targeted.

Overclocking: More potential

This is another area that is very exciting. Radeon WattMan, a tool that allows you to overclock the AMD GPU, is now integrated into the overlay. It is now much stronger and includes tools such as the fan temperature curve curve – to adjust the fan speed at certain temperature thresholds – and even the ability to precisely adjust the memory of the time, which was a very demanding feature.

Better yet, there are also options for automatic overclocking that are conservative and will not stick cards and options for setting overclocks that are played during the game. You can even connect your phone to the app to overclock.

AMD's Adrenaline 2019 drivers are available now and You can install from here. The owners of the RX500 series and the Vega series are likely to make the most of this update.


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