Thursday , January 23 2020
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Amazon Prime Deal effectively get free PS4 or switch the game


Twitch Prime, involved in any membership of Amazon Prime, has lately stepped up his efforts to offer benefits to players. The premium service already offers free monthly computer games, prey games for games such as Apex Legends and FIFA 19, 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online and other free benefits for their members. Now you can even earn money on selected purchases with a new, limited offer for Twitch Prime members. From now until the 26th of July, you can get $ 15 Amazon credits for the selected game offer, including:

You can also see the current price of each Amazon game. As you will notice, all of the above games are $ 15 or less with Prime Discount, which means that you will basically get one of them free of charge with a $ 15 reward that has fallen back to your account.

Your Twitch account must be linked to your Amazon Prime account to receive a credit reward. When you link Twitch and Amazon, and purchase one of the above eligible games, your account will receive $ 15 credit within seven days of the purchase.

This offer comes just after the Amazon Prime Day, which lasted for 48 hours in the year of 15 and 16 July. and other retailers who led their own sales. Be sure to check out all the best Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One deals from Prime Day, which are still available, including some of the great Xbox One console bundles.

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