A set of thrill games' Harington Cries before the fan [WATCH]


It's coming winter, too Game of Thrones & # 39; the finale of the series, the fact that Kit Harington is no longer deeply denied. Now he is in such a good mood that he can not help but hears the experience of the fan who destroyed him when he just finished the exhibition, because he was connected with a lot of robbery. And tears. And maybe some light buzz. "I really really waited to say, Not anymore. I like a really steady and cool way, "explained Harrington in response to a frequently asked question," are you Jon Jon? " «. "What really happened, I left the set and I was very emotional, and this poor girl came to me at the airport and left, Are you Jon Snow? And I'm going, Not anymore. It quickly withdrew. "Ah, for the context, please consider his Not anymore All this mentioned.


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