A nice new look at the 10,000-year-old favorite, here are Kitana's moves and abilities in Mortal Kombat 11


So graceful, so beautiful, so deadly

This does not become much better than when a fan of combat helps to create one of his favorite characters of all time, and that's what we have here with the developer Kitana and NetherRealm Studios Steve "16-bit" Brownback in Mortal Kombat 11.

In today's Kombat, Kast Steve managed to show the Eden princess, and we've prepared a series of shots for a quicker breakdown, so you can get a sense of how the last iteration is playing here.

One of the first things Steve pointed out is the fact that Kitanne's normals are fully processed, mainly due to the fact that he almost always keeps his fans alive.

It also notes that, while maintaining some of its classic MK movements, such as the turning and levitating of the fan, it also brings five or six new techniques that preserve freshness.

One of the first things we've seen in revealing it is how it seems to be perhaps the most beautiful figure in the game so far (what really matters). We see it as regular as in adorable forms, and we can only imagine where things will be custom made.

Kitana is particularly gracious in his movement, which has led some to almost remember a series of attacks. The catch with this is that it is quite difficult to confirm them, so players have to make sure that they will land or risk being punished:

Click on the animated version

Returning fans and raising fans have returned, but they are equipped with a new throat technique that can cause crushing:

In the air, Kitan moves straight to her enemy or tremble to get things mixed:

Missing soldiers are not recommended against it, as they can absorb fireballs and for a short time come to life in all the adulterous attacks:

Edenian Razors is a technique that looks at how its fans fly around it so that they secure the strings and allow new combinations of corners:

Finally, we see that Kitana extracts the brand, which is usually used by her sister Mileena. It can throw it into the air and has some options from the moment it gets damaged:


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