A big round of redundancies in Cannabis NB after 12 weeks of business


Twelve weeks after open cannabis sites in New Brunswick, the Cannes Regional Authority dismissed approximately 60 retail workers.

The announcement was made after months of supply issues related to lost crops and packaging equipment problems, and a reduction in the number of hours for some workers, while 20 stores in the province were waiting for a new inventory.

"This decision is representative of traditional new retail activities and long-term fiscal responsibility," said Cannabis NB Marie-Andrée Bolduc, a communications expert at Cannes.

The company did not publish any sales data since October 24, when it reported the sale of marijuana worth $ 945,000 within the first 48 hours of legalization.

The Cannabis NB in ​​Rothesay was the first day of legalizing long lines, but Cannabis NB did not publish any sales data since October. (Julia Wright / CBC)

Three workers for the store

Each Cannabis NB office employed approximately 20 full-time and half-staff members.

Ordinary employees start at approximately $ 19 per hour, while for full-time and part-time employees, they range from $ 22 to $ 23 per hour. Unlike casual employees who are engaged in alcoholic beverages, casual employees do not benefit from cannabis.

"By entering the third month of the legalization of cannabis for adults, normalized daily operations have been normalized despite solving the challenges of care and we understand the operational needs of each store better," Bolduc said.

A part of the Cananbis letter, which received a warning at the retail level, received a notice that their employment would immediately expire. On average, three workers in each of the 20 outlets in the province will be affected by redundancies, a Crown spokesman said. (Proposed)

The overall effect of redundancies is "on average three team members per trade."

The majority of workers who were dismissed were on seasonal contracts, and some of them were employed for part-time and part-time work.

"This is because it is necessary to ensure that the mix of roles in the store is optimized on the basis of trade in stores. In some cases, when the operation was normalized, the mix of applications had to be adapted," Bolduc said. .

On Wednesday, several workers received letters stating that their employment will expire immediately with two weeks of payment instead of the notice.

"We want to thank you for your contribution, your passion and commitment to CANNABIS NB from the beginning. You have been a key part of something historic and have been crucial for the success of the team," reads a letter from one employee.

Despite the fact that the CUPE 963 was led by a trade union, a trade union representing New Brunswick Liquor workers, cannabis employees are not included in the trade unions.

No product for sale

The issue of supply with cannabis NB has led to the fact that some consumers in the first days of legalization kept the prisons and frustrations.

In June, Brian Harriman, Chairman and CEO of NB Liquor and Cannabis New Brunswick, said that around 250 different products would be shipped to 20 Cannabis locations.

The stores are built for up to 800 different products.

In reality, the choice was much more limited.

It is expected that Cannabis brands will open with about 250 product varieties, but most stores in New Brunswick are a bit in stock and have only a small share. (Maria Jose Burgos / CBC)

On Wednesday, 67 cannabis products were published on the Cannabis NB website, including dry flowers, extracts, seeds and pre-drenched joints.

But 43 of these products – more than 64 percent of the total offer – were sold out at all 20 outlets.

Buyers looking for products like Liiv Kinky Kush may be disappointed. Of 67 Cannabis products, Cannabis NB sold 43 of them sold at all points of sale. (Kanabis NB)

An additional 13 products were sold in most locations.

While some of the products sold remained available for purchase through the Cannabis NB website, it costs an extra $ 7 for home delivery – and requires a credit card.

On December 20, 2018, Canadian Commissioner for the Protection of Privacy Daniel Therrien warned Canadian consumers that the use of a credit card for the purchase of marijuana could jeopardize their personal data.

High prices

In October, the Statistical Office of Canada reported that the average marijuana price in Atlantic Canada was approximately $ 7 per gram.

But NB Cannabis products are quite north of this amount – and cheaper one grams of packs are sold quickly.

The Cannabis NB website advertises products ranging from $ 7.50 for a single sample of up to $ 96.99 for seven grams – which is somewhat cheaper than street standards. (Kanabis NB)

Dried Buddha known as Lemon Skunk, for example, is the price of $ 15.50 per gram, including taxes, in New Brunswick – one of the most expensive prices listed in Canada.

On the island of Prince Edward, the same product was sold for $ 14.50. In Newfoundland and Labrador there were $ 14, and $ 13.43 in New Scotland,

Prices were even lower west of the region: Ontario ($ 13.25), Manitoba ($ 12.60) and British Columbia ($ 11.22).

Expected quarterly sales results

Kanabis NB did not comment on Wednesday whether the problems of traffic or customer care were dismissed on Wednesday.

"Cannabis NB has reviewed its current business needs based on trade across stores and a decision was taken to reduce the existing staff allowance to ensure compliance with the company's needs," Bolduc said.

"The groups and the roles were structured to allow flexibility in providing the necessary customer experience and managing the expectations that the recruitment of stores will change after the introduction."

Cannabis NB is expected to release its first quarterly sales data at the end of January.


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