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6 things we met Meghan Markle From CBS Meghan and Harry Plus One


Members Meghan MarkleBritish journalists and royal historians painted Duke and Duke of Sussex in an extremely positive light on the news of CBS News, hosted by Gayle King and with the title Meghan and Harry Plus One.

The hour, which was a long hour, appeared in the new life of the former American actress Prince HarryCaused by the negative (and unquestionably unfair) distress has become the object since she joined the royal family. Megan's close friends, makeup Daniel Martin and an actress Janina GavankarThey shared their sincere thoughts of angry rumors and even revealed how the Duchess faces extreme ascents and falls.

More insights into Meghan's stormy first year than the Royal, including its reaction it shoutout from Beyoncéin Jay-Z– Watch the scrolling!

Are there truths for Meghan's Dive Antics reports?:

According to Daniel, absolutely not. "What is so frustrating is that you hear these stories and that there is no truth to them," he said. "It's not the same person. In years when I knew her, in the years that I worked with her, I never had an appropriate dive. I never know I do not deserve all those negative news." Janina added: "Do not read bad or good because she knows that the metric you have for your life can not be based on a title written by someone else."

Love between Meghan and Harry is not just a show:

As Daniel described: "They love so much, that's so honest. Love is real." Reflecting on the royal wedding that happened almost exactly one year ago, Janina warned, "I have to look at my friend to look in the eyes of a soul mate and happily be happy." She later remarked: "It is very firmly convinced what its true North is. The priority is to find ways to highlight global issues, but it is not in itself. She is very strong with her own soul." Stop it?

Finger Charles's gesture of life:

When the tabloid drama of Meghan's estranged father overlaid a shadow on her wedding day, many wondered who would walk along the altar in his absence. Prince Charles assumed responsibility, the moment Daniel remembered how he went down, and he was ruined in tears. "The door opens and I stand behind," he shared. "I see that she came down and I saw how strong she was and how she was ready [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] she interrupted her. It was like, "We have you." You are one of us. He's at home.

Welcome to Meyhiva:

In the performance of Beyoncé fanbase, known as Beyhiva, faithful Meghan and her ideals together called themselves "Meyhive". It is also possible that Queen Bey is considered to be her member, especially since they joined Meghan with Jay-Z and took honors at this year's Brit Awards. Daniel said that Meghan sent a photo of the epic moment, which he said she responded with "Easter Emotional Symbol".

Meghanov and Harry's parents' style is surprisingly relative:

Although only two moments were only mom and dad, Daniel already announced what kind of future the future of Archie's future. "I feel as if Meghan and" H "really will keep this baby. I'm sure the baby will be clean and green, she will love to cook and eat organically, whenever you can, her own food." And from Janina's perspective, "It will be So good mother. I think she will be very dependent, hands, just like if she were not married to a royal family. Not in a strict way, but on an incredibly practical person.

So, who is responsible for Meghan's flawless wardrobe?:

It turned out to be! Daniel confirmed Gayle that the Duchess does not have his own stylist and chooses all his ensembles himself. "She always had such an innate sense of her style," he commented. "It's amazing that all can do it."

Meghan and Harry Plus One premiere is on Friday night at 8 pm. on CBS.

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