2020 Toyota Supra Unintentionally Revealed in the Official Tweet


In the tweet of Toyota Mexico, which has since been removed from Twitter, but Jalopnik re-released, the Mexican group of Japanese cars shared a video about the new Toyota Supra 2020 just days before the official launch of the Detroit car. This is our first non-camouflaged and perfect look at Supra.

Motor1.com has so far monitored every official image of the teaser; Last showed the back of the sports car. But these (erroneously) tweeted video shows provide an unobstructed view of the entire Supra production for the first time. Although Toyota's auctioneers have sufficiently deepened the key details for 2020, we were still wondering how it all matched. These footage from a tape posted by Toyota Mexico fills holes in the puzzle.

The Supra nose died for the Toyota FT-1 concept that inspired it, while the side profile and the conical rear end give the car a sense of speed even when they stand still. The last three-quarters of the year is our favorite angle, as it shows the elegant rear lights of the car and the visible rear spoiler. In general, the latest Supra (called the A90 internally) is a great task of mixing classic sports cars with special Toyota styling. Whether you love or hate it, there is no doubt that Toyota's newest sports car will surely turn its head and we want to finally see it at the Detroit Detroit Auto Show next week.

Source: Toyota Mexico Via Jalopnik


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