2 Manitoba employers have been punished when workers lose their fingers in machines


The two employers in Manitoba were ordered to pay thousands of fines after cutting workers with insufficient protective measures.

Prinsco Canada in Winkler, Man., Was ordered to pay $ 54,252 fine and surcharge after the worker lost his fingers in 2016 while trying to put a rubber coat on an operating resin mixer.

The worker was told to set up a rubber coating on the rubber resin mixer, which was not stored and was still rotating. The worker was trapped in a rotating chain and a pinion, which caused crushed and amputated fingers.

Prinsco managers did not report damage to safety and health at work, as required by law.

In September, Prinsco Canada pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the relevant safeguards for machinery and disregarding safety and health safety at the workplace on a serious incident.

In the second case, the worker in AP Infrastructure Solutions GP all five fingers amputated after being intertwined between metal cylinders in 2015.

AP Infrastructure Solutions GP declined in October to fail to provide adequate safeguards for its machines.

The employer was ordered to pay $ 47,500 in fines and fines and $ 10,000 for a workplace safety and health fund.

Occupational safety and health warns all employers that they should inform WSH of any serious incidents and that there must be adequate protection for machinery, said the provincial newsreel.


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