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Former Backwalker Slave Tsveteline Grahich experiences some of the toughest times in his life. The singer is in serious debt and is asking how to fix the situation, writes show.blitz.bg.

Bosanka owed her great amounts of money to the knowledge and skills she had to perform her musical projects. But the investment had zero returns and the singer had no money to pay the bills.

In addition, Grahic survived and her boyfriend, Christian Shalamanov, who was not working at the moment.

Indeed, Grahich's problems have been present for several months, since they give her relatives and suspect that beauty has been borrowed.

This is not the first time that Grahich has financial problems. A year ago her situation was not pink.

Then her acquaintances told her that she was very unhappy because she did not have enough money to raise a dream wedding with her boyfriend. Thus, the celebration of both lovers was postponed indefinitely. However, it seems that the situation is so complicated to date, and the singer repeatedly told her that she did not have torture but a brave search.


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