Torture is over – they have opened a new stadium in Tottenham! – World of Football – England


March 24 will be remembered by all lovers of Tottenham Hotspur. On this day, in 2019, the first football event of the new London stadium stadium took place, 679 days after Tottenham played the last game in the old White Hart Lane. Spurs up to 18 years old beat Southampton 3: 1 in front of more than 30,000 spectators.

The first official Tottenham Hotspur game will be played on April 3 at the Crystal Palace. But before the London derby there will be a second test match that will fulfill the legends of Inter and Tottenham. The original plans were that the arena in September would open at home in Liverpool, but the repair has slowed down so far.

As long as the wait was over, many people laughed at fans of Tottenham, but the final product is definitely worth the effort. A stadium worth £ 1 billion will host 62,062 viewers and can boast of the first football field to be separated and can be safely played at the US Football Championship.

The first appearance of the new arena was made by Jayneel Bennett, who struck the door of the small saints with a nice blow.

The leader of the Mauriceio Pocetino Club, who congratulated the fans on the stands, congratulated President Daniel Levy on the youth holidays. Argentine spec has also said he hopes that moving the stadium team could be a necessary impetus to remove Manchester City from the Champions League.

The new stadium brings fans of Tottenham strength


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