They let under the guarantee of the woman, whose dogs bore children – Bulgaria


They let under the guarantee of the woman whose puppies bore children

                                                                                            EPA / BGNES

P the search of a permanent arrest for Polina Shishmanova, but the court resolved that the woman be released under the guarantee, NOVA reports.

The retarded remained blank after the session and hid her face. Adequate sodas are guaranteed – 1000 BGN, for which the monthly income is 1500 BGN. Yes, I did not give you up to 10 days.

The judge is counting, if there is evidence, when the interruption has been completed – she has not put sufficient care and the nurse's dogs have caused an average bodily injury – disorientation of the lower extremities of three children.

Shishmanova tvrdi, both of them were wiped out, and they sat down to show how the day her husband Krasimir was talking about, if they took care of them, and the dog was nursed. Nothing smashed the keys to their cells.

The judge concluded, Che or the dog was released from his owners, or fled. And the defendant was in debt and was trying to predict, when the animals were aggressive and could cause damage to the choir.

Collected enough evidence, when Shishmanova was in favor of the transgression, he disrupted the trial, but added that more proofs would be collected for the prosecution act. There is danger of hiding, laboring, having a purely priestly past, nonsense and antisocial behavior.

The most probable gift is a sum of up to 5,000 levs.

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