The summer situation in China surpassed Hamilton with 0.023 seconds


Valter Botas
Valter Botas; picture: Pirelli

Valter Botas won first place in the China Grand Prix, the world championship Formula 1 race no. 1000 and the third round of the 2019 championship. Finn surpassed his teammate at Mercedes Lewis Hamilton with 0.023 seconds. Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari remained third in front of their teammate Charles Loeckler.

Less than an hour before the start of the meeting, Toro Rosso predicted that the Alex Albon car was too sloppy and did not take part in the qualification. At the end of the test, the pilot crashed heavily on Saturday morning. He was examined at the medical center on the line and released. But the team did not have enough time to repair the car.

Time and qualification were great – almost 21 degrees of air and 37 on the track.

Williams pilots were the first on the Q1 line

During the first series of qualifications they were completely unrecognized. Then Sebastian Vettel and Charles Loekler appeared on the line. Ferrari began to work softly. Mercedes drivers also came with soft tires.

1: 34,069 min was the achievement of Leckler. Vettel improved it by 0.512 seconds. Hamilton was even faster and ahead of Ferrari, but a few seconds later Botas lost 0.457 seconds of his time. Finn thus complemented his teammate and Max Verstappen, which was 0.616 seconds and gave a record middle class. Vettel was fourth and Lökler ranked 10th.

Lökler was not pleased with the fact that he was in traffic. He returned to boxing with all other players before the next attempt in the first qualifying segment. They started a few minutes before the flag. However, Antonio Jocivinci could not record the time limit. He also had problems on Friday, but he made two rounds in the first quarter and returned to boxing.

Leckler approached 0.054 seconds to Botas and ranks second. Lance Strawl and Williams pilots remained in the exit zone and did not continue in the next part of the session.

The first minutes of Q2 have passed without anyone on the line.

Then, Mercedes decided to try quickly on a quick medium

The choice of Ferrari and Vertapopen was also for Pirelli's medium-sized blend, which Pirelli gave for the weekend in China.

1: 32.603 was Hamilton's time, which the botas lost 0.875 seconds. Vettel was 0.504 seconds away from Walter – he was faster than Lewis, who was also replaced by Leekler (+0.596). Vertapano came in front of Anglez (+0,641). The sixth on the scale – Pierre Gusley (with a soft one) – was 1.220 seconds from the Botas achievement.

Vejica Perez, Carlos Sainz, Kimi Raikkonen, Lando Norris and Romain Grogan were among the defeated areas. In the last 3 minutes, only Leekler and Gusley remained.

Botas got soft, followed by Vettel, Verstaffen and Hamilton. Lewis was in the first place with 1: 31.637 with the media.

Only Grožjan managed to get out and qualify in the third quarter on account of Danilo Kwiat. Together with Toro Rosso, Peres, Raikkonen and McLaren riders, they were eliminated in the final qualifying battle.

"I lost power over rights," Kimi said on the radio. I can not tell him that they are currently watching, but they still do not know what happened.

In the third quarter, all were already soft tires, Daniel Rijkardo first came from pittle, followed by the remaining nine pilots who qualified for the final qualifying segment.

Australia also recorded for the first time in this part of the session 1: 34.285. Hamilton improved this achievement for 2,715 seconds before Botas overtook him for 7,000th second! Finland was the record-breaking first and second sector. Vettel ran the third (+0,438 seconds) and Vertapapan slid down between Ferrari. Magnusen and Grozjan returned home without a quick tour.

In the last attempts Hamilton first started with a quick circle. Lewis recorded 1: 31,631 sec, Botas remained the fastest.

Vettel finished third, Lökler fourth. Verstapen stayed fifth in front of his Red Bull Glasley counterpart. Rickardo managed to overtake Hulkenberg, while Magnusen and Grozjan did not quickly cross the third quarter.

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