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That's why Sophie Marinova launches Gringo – • Curious • news about lifestyle, diet, health and fashion


Only three months after the grand wedding ceremony, Sophie Marinova and Todor Davidov-Gringo broke up after another spectacular scandal, according to the Weekend magazine.

Both tried to conceal the drama they were experiencing. According to Sophi's close friends, the gypsy gypsy and her husband were constantly quarreling and beaten, and the reason was always the same – jealousy.

At the last scandal, Gringo even broke his arm. The singer could not postpone the already committed obligations and go-go to the Roma hands, witnesses testify. She claimed she had fallen on the stairs. Three years ago, Sofka again suffered when she lived with her beloved. Gringo beat me! You're screaming you're gonna steal me! "And then he cried for an old wounded performer who still got his broken hands. It turned out that Gringo has been beaten and harassed for 10 years younger than her. He was jealous of his colleagues and enthusiasts, breaking it after a concert in Brussels, so he had to hand over his hand with 15 stitches. Sofka wanted to appeal to the police, but threatened her and her son, Lorenzo. However, the singer appealed against Gring and even publicly complained that she was the victim of domestic violence.

"I am sorry for 3-4 months. The first days with Gring were flowers and roses. After we lived together, some scandals began – beating, harassment. It is 2 meters when it struck me, I can not get up We've lived for 4 months and I have a broken arm for 2 months. I've always seen that families are arguing, but because of tickling, "Sophia complained. Soon after the tragic accident, he fired and both of them reunited. that their connection is crucial and that Gringo is her great love.

A few days before the wedding dress on March 24, Sophie had a serious conversation with him. He promised that he would not reach it anymore. On the birthday of her husband and a close friend of Preslav, at the end of June, Sofka appeared with a handcuffed hand. Gringo was not among the guests. The guests at the party wondered where her husband was, since they were inseparable. Sophie hid her hand under a scarlet scarf of flowers. These days, Gringo noticed in a perfectly male company in Sunny Beach. He confessed to his friends that he was temporarily separated from his wife.


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