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The great actress Stoyanka Mutafova will be able to return to the Satirič Theater on Friday despite spasms on her leg.

This was reported by Monitor Evgeni Boyanov as "Monitor", who visits the queen of comedy every day. Today's performance "Styxie's Discipline" on the open-air scene "Tear and Laughter", in which Stoyana danced and made a scale, was canceled, but for her "Stoletie moe" tomorrow her character is in the director's position all the time with a wheelchair and the untiring frontman hopes that he will succeed. All the seats in the Satire Salon are already sold out before, and Mutafov is committed to fulfilling his commitment to his loyal audience, Boyanov emphasized.

On August 14th, during the tour, the first lady of comedy injured her leg on the sharp elements of a beautiful bedroom in the president's room at a hotel in the resort resort of Albena. After the incident, she played some other shows, but the situation was worsened when the situation deteriorated, and the actress had to spend a month in a military hospital. At the moment, she still feels uncomfortable and her personal doctor dr. Dimitrov and her nurse have to visit their home every day for bits, furrows, etc., because such wounds are highly healed and endangered by her age. Nearly 97-year-old phenomenal star knows this, so after the release on stage on Friday it will allow a longer break for recovery. Maria Grubeshlieva-Muki, the author of the biographical book "Good evening, my century!", Is worried about her, whose active appearance in the country will stop for some time.

However, the spirit of the extraordinary actress is at its heights and aimed at her return on February 2, 2019, when she was 97 years old. For her birthday, a spectacular performance is planned in the Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture with the participation of many famous guests. For this meeting with the public an accident, Mrs Stichyno hopes to return to her usual vertigo, which has always enjoyed the generations of fans.


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