Sports | With a goal at the last minute, Germany in a spectacular collision broke the Netherlands


With a goal at the last minute, Germany in a spectacular collision broke the Netherlands

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Germany started the European qualification with a significant 3: 2 victory over the Netherlands as a guest in Amsterdam. A direct first-place clash in group C ended with the advantage for the Bundestag, who literally steals the win.

Young footballers Joachim Löw made a very strong and second-round draw in the first half, but they still took three points. Leroy Sane and Serge Gnabri offered Germany a rest break. In the other 45 minutes, the Netherlands was a better team and won the draw with the goals of Matias De Licht and Memphis Depay.

At the last minute, German left Niko Schulz won after a counterattack.

This was the first race for the Germans in qualifications and the other for the Netherlands. Tulips have 4 points from the first two matches, while Group C has Northern Ireland, which has two wins in two games.

The football classics between the Netherlands and Germany took place for the 44th time, the Bundestimm reached the 16th victory, and the Dutch remained in the 11th place.

German coach Joachim Loew made a lot of changes from the team that ended with Serbia a few days ago. However, he chose the eleventh tenth, very close to what Germany had played against the Netherlands in the League of Nations a few months ago. He put on Sergei Gnabri and Leroy Sanea in the attack, both of them constantly changing their seats.

The match started very promising and before two minutes passed, Germany made the first goal in the game. Serge Gnabri did great play on the field and he was replaced by Jasper Silesian.

After the start of the difficult minutes, the Dutch team took the initiative and settled in half of Germany. Both teams played at high speed, and the Bundestame speed was impressive. In the lead, Joachima Löw could have put his team up another goal 15 minutes into the game, after a rush down the left,

Nico Schulz came on, Leroy Sanea had to leave the fray. Central defender Matias De Licht retired and uncovered 19th striker, who found a strong kick with his left leg 0: 1.

With a goal at the last minute, Germany in a spectacular collision broke the Netherlands

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The early goal was to awaken Dutch footballers who became more active and positions before the raining began Manuel Neuer. The German guard was great. In just two minutes Ryan Babel found two great options for equalization.

First in the 25th minute, Babel was defeated and decided to shoot with his first touch, a bet on power. Neyer responded and managed to hit the ball in the corner.

Two minutes later, Babel fell again, this time by Till Kerr. Literally four meters away, the Dutch attacker kicked, but right into Noyer's body.

The Germans continued to be very dangerous at the counter, which shows that the Netherlands has problems with defense. In such a situation, Gnabri found himself alone against Van Dyke, but the captain of the tulips showed a cold and took his ball.

With a goal at the last minute, Germany in a spectacular collision broke the Netherlands

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In 34 minutes, Gnabri recovered and doubled the progress of the Bundestam. Attacking Rapid got the ball around the border of the penalty area, adjusted it to the right foot and with a strong kick in the far corner did not leave the chance for Silesian.

By the end of the first part, the Dutch guard had to intervene again. This happened when Kerrey's shot.

At the turn, Ronald Kumman made a change, setting up Ryan Babel and collecting young Stephen Bergwin. The game of the tulips immediately interrupted and pressed the opponent from the beginning of the second half.

Germany was no longer so aggressive as the Bundestimus players lost almost every battle in the middle of the pitch. This was reflected and in the 48th minute the Netherlands decreased.

After a prolonged stay in the penalty area and centering from the corner, Central Defender Matias De Licht jumped to the highest and went to Neyer's net.

With a goal at the last minute, Germany in a spectacular collision broke the Netherlands

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The Dutch continued to be very active and the Germans literally did not leave any chance of thinking that they could do anything. After the break from the powerful acts of the guests there was no memory, not only that they have no goals, but also rarely pass the center.

Leroy Sane and Gnabri were isolated and the ball hardly reached them.

Depay, who helped De Licht, impressed his accomplices and reached the equal goal. The attacker took advantage of Wainlundum's leadership and after a short interference managed to send the ball to Noyer's back – 2: 2.

Depay's equal goal.

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Depay's equal goal.

Germany tried to reply at the end of the match, and Marco Royce appeared on the court. Guests have already lost momentum and the hosts who had the initiative had the advantage, they worked more confidently and settled in the German field.

Still, Germany scored a valuable second in the 90th minute. Royce found an uncovered Nico Schulz in the penalty area and left the left wing defender with the victory of his team.


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