Sports | Kubrat Pulev poured a lot of blood, but he crashed a Roman in the United States


Kubrat Pulev poured a lot of blood, but he crashed a Roman in the United States


Kubrat Pulev won the first match in the US and achieved a very dramatic victory over the Romanian Bogdan Dino. In a spectacular match against the nearly 2,000 Bolgarians, Bolgar shattered her opponent in Hangar Hall in Costa Mesa, California. The World Champion of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) encountered serious reluctance, but did not doubt its advantage.

Even at the beginning of the game, Pulev was bloody because of the heavy arcade, but he overcame the problems. After a strong sixth and seventh round, he broke the opponent. In the seventh part, Bulgaria struck Dinu three times and won.

He is the winner for Pulev 27. in his professional career. Bulgaria won fourteen times with a knockout, but for the first time, such a heavy arcade took place.

"First of all, I want to say thanks to my compatriots in the hall that you are unique. Sometimes things that are not well done are returned, but I feel good, I'm glad that I won for the arcade was not a big problem because I was ready Sometimes I bleed even smoother, "said Pulev.

"I think I was a good boxer, I was in good shape and I will continue," added Bolgarka at the ring.

Pulev's Romanian opponent replied that he made several "dirty" blows. Dinu said that he was close to Bulgarian, but he failed to overcome it.

The loss was the second consecutive when Dinou was retired in November by US Jarrell Miller. The Romanian has 20 matches on a professional ring.

The winner approached Pulevu for the desired match of the world title against Anthony Joshui. After his success in October in front of Huiy Fury, Bulgaria is a compulsory candidate and will have a second chance to fight for the belt after Vladimir Klitschko beat him almost five years ago.

The first round was on the account of Puleva, which found a good distance and a blow to Dinu's head. As with the game with Hui Fury, the Bulgarian boxer strongly relied on the left.

His rival from Romania tried to make quick combinations and rely on a lot of speed. He did it a number of times, but Puleva could not shake it.

In the second round, Dinu had a slight advantage because he managed to take a slight advantage for the first time.

The fourth round was the key when Dino opened a serious arcade over Pulev with a strong right hand. The Bulgarian woman bathed in blood and suffered some major blows, but she went into attack and pressed her opponent.

During the break between the circles of the Pulev team, the arcade was closed and the meeting continued. He managed to recover and was very active again in order to gain an advantage over Romanian.

Dinnu was just looking for a new hit in open Pula. Romun often took part in clinks.

The sixth round was the best for Puleva, who started a strong attack. He extracts some heavy crochets and regains the advantage. Dinanu again arcade, but this did not in any way affect the Bulgarian boxer.

In the next seventh round, Pulev pushed his opponent on the rope and Romun started to storm and fell into a circle. Since Dinu was on the floor, Pulev hit him again and the judge decided to stop the clock 2.13 minutes before the end of the round.

After all, Bulgaria got a knockdown in its property, but it also received a point break for an unlicensed strike. Pulev left his opponent again 1.37 minutes before the gong, reaching the second knockdown.

A few seconds later, the World Title Contender continued and Dinu fell for the third time in a ring when the Romans failed to get up. He explained that there was a problem in the foot, but that did not work.

"It was not easy, you saw that the boy was preparing, I do not think there were any rough strokes that made it difficult for me to be good to overtake this arcade because it was still boxing; in the seventh round you saw When I was stopped, I proved that I ended up and won, "said Pulev to Diemi Sport.

"I love everything behind and I have been supported, I know that many people have been watching me in this difficult time, and my plan is to continue to fight here in the US with my brother Tervel, I know that with every game you play I am improving, "he added.

13. Wins for Tervel Pulev

Zmago in his match was recorded by Tervel Pulev, who would be third on American soil. The younger brother Pulevi is a thirteenth victory over 13 professional ring games, but he had to go through many hardships against Mitch Williams.

Pulev failed to force out his opponent and win the court decision. Three judges on the ring gave Bulgaria the advantage – 59:54, 57:56, 58:55.

"I am very pleased with the victory because it was against a strong rival who is not going to take money or finish the round but to beat me," Pulev told Diema Sport.

He had a lot of problems at the meeting, as he also received a penal point. In the first three rounds, the game was equivalent to a slight advantage for the Bulgarian. In the fourth part, the judge accused Puleva of striking when the game was stopped. This happened at a time when the American boxer was doing similar blows, but the penalty was only for Puleva.

"He does not respect him, you saw that even Americans (Williams) were bitten by his dirty numbers." In America, this was a very different piece of boxing, lots of detail was new for me, although it does not appear to improve my game. "to see if I can get used to a new coach," Pulev added.

In his 13 professional ring games, Tervel Pulev failed to win with a shot only a second time. Pula's younger brother is the winner of the European title in the Poltese category.


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