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On March 24, the wedding ceremony of Sophie Marinova and Gring takes place at the Sofia Hotel. They're both frenzied for the event. But the knife in the back of friends will soon shine his luck.

Our rapporteur learned that Sophie invited almost all of her colleagues from the popfolk. VIP ceremonies will be Gloria, Jenna, Preslav, Andrea, Konstantin, Ilian, Boris Dali and so on. It turned out that one of her most loyal friends in the industry would be boycotted.

The Tony Storaro family will not be present at the wedding party of her new companion. For over a year now, there is tension between Sophie and Storaro and they did not want to respect the newlyweds without good reason.

Let's remember that Sophie and Gringo did not appear at Fika and G├╝lang's wedding even a year ago. This was annoyed by Storaro Jr, who was a member of his colleague since then. They're accusing Gring that he changed Sophie. Ever since she fell in love with a tattoo, she turned off her old friends.

Her close friend, Bonnie, will not be among the guests, but she has a good reason. At that time, in Serbia, the recordings for the upcoming song will be released by the end of the month or until the beginning of the next.



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