Simeonov with a shocking departure Tsacheva: Prostishka hunting witches!


There is no basis for the withdrawal of Tsetskaya Tsacheva. In particular, she is one of the most reputable and unpleasant politicians in her business. This was said by the head of the NPP NP and the MP of the United Patriot PG Valery Simeonov.

"I can not believe that in 2019 we could do such a simple witch-hunt that would historically remind me of the return to the time immediately after 9 September, when thousands of people were charged with blame and blame only allegations that they were chorbad. There is no reason, every property deal is the subject of negotiations between the two sides and when there is no violation of the law, I do not know who will be with these dirty shoes in the privacy of people. Especially Tsetska Tsacheva is one of the most honest and unbeatable politicians in my business – who for more than 10 years nobody could find black hair in his biography, "commented Simeon, quoted by Focus.

"Now it suddenly gets him wrong, why?" Since she bought the apartment at an agreed price, she paid her money, she did not rob anyone, did not make a deal because of any kind of relief to the company. She just sold her property in Pleven to buy an apartment and chew her bones, and Boris would want her resignation. This company is just moving, "Simeonov said, stressing that he did not have any resignation if Boris does not ask for it.

"I do not know how this party exists with such a leader who is willing to return everything to the abyss just to keep stumbling on power. Unfortunately, politics is not enough that it is only a candidate to balance at the top of power, but to do it What is he doing? At the moment, he is treacherously silent and does not protect people who do the most work, "said Valeriy Simeonov.



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