Secrets from archives: Princess Diana was not the first to be Prince Charles … (PHOTOS) – BLISTER


A few hours ago He showed you the unique family photos of the British royal family. They were princes William and Harry, their wife Kate Middleton and Megan Marc, children of Kate and William Princess George and Lewis and princess Charlotte. Photographs were also Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The photographs showed great secrets about what really is happening between members of the royal family.

Many wondered what would have happened if Prince Charles had his first wife, the late Princess Diana.

The shocking mystery associated with Princess Diano (PHOTOS)

Unexpected: It's a big secret, connected with the wedding princess Diana!

Because of the love triangle between Charles, Diano and Camilla, there are now very spicy secrets from the archives. They refer to women in the life of the future king of the United Kingdom, what he sexually abused, and how he came to offer a wedding with Diana.

But what exactly are these secrets you'll find on


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