REPAIR OF STANDARD OWNERSHIP: More sanctions for owners and higher collection of fees


More obligations for homeowners and the ease of collecting admission fees. This includes amendments to the Housing Ownership Act. Before the changes, the Regional Ministry decided to hear the opinion of people. According to the regional ministry, 60% of buildings are currently condominium, but 45,000 were in poor condition.

Therefore, in the opinion of the Agency, changes are needed, such as owners who have more obligations, as well as too high costs if they do not meet them. And if we want to sell the apartment, we will have to prove that we have no obligation to the block.

Citizens and organizations also want better control over the payment of entry costs. They also want a register of governors. There are ideas to be licensed. Entries should be different, depending on the area of ​​the building, which some organizations consider.

The need for a law to be corrected is because the texts are written 10 years ago and do not help to solve the problems anymore. And there were many. "Shared works are part of our property and we need to take care of their homes for them," says Gergana Blagieva, director of the Housing Directorate.

"The owner of the dwelling or real estate in question has 365 days of the year. He has rights to the property in question, and therefore there are obligations," says the professional manager Ivan Velikov.

Therefore, several commitments and more sanctions are being examined. Now, fines for owners are between 100-150 lions, for governors – times higher, and bad examples are numerous. "People who say that the bulb did not work on the floor for 3 weeks, nothing that has not been said about this, said that I do not want to pay a fee this month, because you did not change the bulbs," commented Velikov.

Only eleven families live in one of the blocks, but they also have problems. So they hire a professional domestic manager. "If we are looking for 100% collection, this is difficult," says Ivan Velikov.

"There is no payment for repairs, for example. This is irritating, of course, no one accepts it as usual," Teneva 1450 says: "There is no payment for repairs, for example, of course, it's irritating," commented Stoyna Taneva.

One of the proposals to the regional ministry is that the obligations of irregular payers are taken into account with local taxes.

"When the ownership and profession are regulated before a notary, check that the obligations to the condominium have been paid," said Gergana Blagieva.

As non-payment of charges may cause serious problems in the repair or maintenance of lifts. "At some point, compromises start, even if you are, with spare parts and ultimately unpleasant events," said Emanuel Froloshka of the Foundation Safety for Lifts.

That's why they want to register ski lifts in the country. They also offer a license to operators. "Often these household workers do not know what legislation is. Practice training to know the law, "advises Froloshka.

The proposed ministry will be accepted by 15 April, while in the autumn it is expected that the draft will be ready.

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