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Swimmers and limbs in limousine PICTURE: FACEBOOK PRESSURE PROFILE

The blue color chose the focus of his second wedding with Todor Davidov-Gringo Sophie Marinova. Dressed in a long white wedding dress, all in stone and white and blue flowers, she shone like a girl – folk singer Preslav, who carried live social networking, what is happening on a wedding day.

As dictated by the tradition, the groom Gringo – in a dark suit with a characteristic blue retractor and a blue tie, first took off his coats – the Prison and his beloved man Paul. Relatives and friends cheered for the happiness of a young family. Among them was his son Sophie Marinova – Lorenzo, dressed in a white dress with a white tie and white shoes. Just before they left for the bride, they all danced under the sound of the wind of Etropole, and the Preslava did not cease to broadcast live in an elegant black lace dress just above the knee.

"We took the most beautiful bride," she wrote in a video that was already Sophie Marinova. Honeymooners and kums settled in a luxurious limo. They were toasted with champagne and went to a big metropolitan hotel where they celebrated the party. Before they entered, they did not miss a photographic session – and separately, and with four bridesmaids in blue dresses to the ground.

Sophie Marinova is Mrs David since February 5th. Then the singer is in civil law before the close circle of relatives. Beside her and her beloved Gring, men were again overflowing with Paul and Paul. However, they decided to leave the party a little later – March 24 to gather more friends, friends and colleagues. Date does not choose a newlyweds, but a maid. When they started the wedding day, they chose the women on February 24th, but it turned out that on that day it was a showpiece in London. That's why they moved the wedding date for a month.

For Sunday's party, Sophie planned two wedding dresses – one more solemn and another to make her more comfortable.

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