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Politics Stefan Tafrov won the internal elections of the EP deputy "Yes, Bulgaria"


Stefan Tafrov

© Georgi Kozhuharov

Stefan Tafrov

Diplomacy Stefan Tafrov won the "Yes, Bulgaria" national elections for candidates for Members of the European Parliament. Nearly 6,000 people participated in the vote, most of them voting through the mobile application of the party.

At a special press conference, the leader of "Yes, Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov thanked all those who took part in the vote, adding that they were not only required to express preferences but also participate in testing the new platform. .

The second place is Maria Spirova, and the third one is Alina Dobreva. In the fourth place is former Defense Minister Velizar Shalamanov, fifth is Emil Georgiev, followed by Tsveta Dryanovska. Ranking is a point system that counts all votes for the candidate.

Hristo Ivanov congratulated Georgiev and Dryanovsky, who are not members of the party. "The fact that they managed to reach the fifth signifies that we could attract people from a democratic community and open our party," Ivanov said.

Hristo Ivanov

© Georgi Kozhuharov

Hristo Ivanov

For the future of the political system

"The first campaign in Bulgaria is carried out by voting and pre-registration through a role that has the possibility of voting on the spot and through the workplace," said Ivanov, who expressed the belief that this is the "inevitable future of the Bulgarian political system".

"The political power is on the court – Democratic Bulgaria, which has the will to introduce e-government in the country, and current government officials say they can not and do not want to introduce e-government," Ivanov added.

He said that the voting software, which was built in accordance with the requirements of the Electoral Code, was BGN 15,000 and worked smoothly. More than 15,000 people downloaded Yes, Bulgaria on their phone. The requirement for personal data to be entered into the voting process was very likely to prevent many of them voting. The registration was due to the lack of electronic identification in Bulgaria.

"Voting block is blocked and open source, which means everyone can be sure about software security." Our conclusion is that if political power without resources can organize and conduct such a campaign and electronic voting, and the state can do it, "Ivanov said.

He also thanked colleagues from the DSB and the Greens who took part in the vote and helped with the candidates' meeting and the campaign.

Lists of "Democratic Bulgaria"

The arrangement of the lists of the merger of Democratic Bulgaria will depend on whether the preferential voting system will be changed, as the Parliament intends to have by opening the Electoral Code, explained Ivanov. He added that once the list is folded, he will not enter "in the way of showing which party is more influential, having more weight".

According to Ivanov, the list should be unified for a democratic community. He said that a deadline was set for producing leaves that should be contrary to national populism. Ivanov added that in "Democratic Bulgaria" they are open to joining together and representatives of other parties. The goal is to avoid the dissolution of the votes of democratic voters.

Stefan Tafrov was asked if it would be difficult if Svetoslav Malinov, who was considered DSB's favorite, would be the leader of the list. Tafrov replied that Malin knew for years, friends were and will take part in this list.

Hristo Ivanov believes that "Democratic Bulgaria" has the option of at least one Member of the European Parliament.

According to a survey by sociologists from Alpha Research in 2018, support for the merger represents 2.7% of the total number of voters or about 5.5 to 5.8% of those who are ready to vote in European elections. According to the survey, supporters of Democratic Bulgaria are very interested and motivated to vote in elections to the European Parliament, giving priority to their opportunities to broadcast representatives there.

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