Saturday , July 24 2021

Only one superplatform for all future VWs – ᐉ News – Technologies

Over time, Volkswagen’s next-generation Scalable Systems Platform SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) will help significantly reduce product complexity. As the successor to the MQB, MSB, MLB, MEB and PPE platforms, this high-tech solution will extend the consolidation from three technology platforms to two BEV platforms to a final solution with a single architecture for the entire product range.

In the period after 2026, the Volkswagen Group plans to start production of fully electric vehicles on the SSP platform. The new generation of products will be, in addition to being fully electric, fully digital and highly scalable. The Volkswagen Group intends to build more than 40 million vehicles in the life cycle of this platform. Like the current MEB platform, the SSP will be open to other car manufacturers.

To improve the level and accelerate the development of its knowledge in the field of mechatronics, the Volkswagen Group will invest approximately 800 million euros in a new research and development center in Wolfsburg, where the core and individual modules of the SSP platform will be designed. .

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