OLAF checks the contract for public contracts concluded in 2017 at the rate of 290 horses


Deputy Minister of the Interior Krasimir Tsipov PICTURE: Archive

Since the end of last year, OLAF revised a public contract to purchase 290 vehicles for technical inspections that were finalized in 2017 between the official government. This was announced by Deputy Interior Minister Krasimir Tsipov at an extraordinary meeting at the Ministry of the Interior.

The contract was for more than BGN 20 million, jeeps were delivered last year and distributed to the police departments.

The sculpture was intended to persuade the people of Malka Tarnovo, Lyubimets and Elhovo that refugees will not be built near their settlements. On the basis of the agreement of 23 March 2017 concluded by Interior Minister Plamen Uzunov, crisis centers in the vicinity of Lyubimets, Elhovo and Malka Tarnovo, where the identity of potential migrants for documents, should be built in the area of ​​the Ministry of the Interior. They will not stay for more than 72 hours. Tsipov also noted that these centers are of closed type and that they will not be able to leave them. He called the BSP to stop fearing people.

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