New loss for Latvia and Slavia, Poland holds the summit – the world of football – Euro 2020


The former football coach Levski Slavisa Stojanovic, the Latvian football team, recorded a second consecutive loss under the leadership of Slovenes. In Warsaw, "PGE People" were Latvians worth Poland in the last quarter of an hour, when a more experienced rival beat the win with 2: 0.

Captain Robert Lewandowski and central defender Camil Glick picked up the crowd. He won the Polish team in the first place in the G group, where he is the last 5th place for Balbot. They have a worse headage difference than Austria, which was one of the favorites in the stream, but it was also catastrophic.

The Poles did not reach the strongest pole in the half, which they entered as a perfect favorite. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. With 35 minutes played, Robert Lewandowski was able to clear the ball after a cross from the right wing.

After a break, the host attacks caused a much greater risk. Still in the 48th minute, goalkeeper Pauls Steinbors had to reflect Camila Groshitsky's goal. Four minutes later, the guard returned to the center of attention because of the way he was struck by a blow to his head by Kyshtef Piontec.

Latvija lost the cleanest lead after 59 minutes when Arthurs Karasaukskas lifted his head and a ricochet brought the ball through the bar.

Poland was waiting for the moment in the 76th minute. Then Arcadius River got space left and focused on the starting point. Lewandowski defeated the defenders in the red team and led the ball -1: 0 in the lower left corner.

Six minutes before the end of regular time, the stands were flooded with calm and joy. Veteran Jakub Blaschikovski comes from angle, and then there is no opponent Camille Glick on the right. The Monaco player with an uncompromising shot hit the goal – 2: 0.


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