Megan Markel, Marcus Anderson and the second most important person in their lives


Prince Harry is not the first person in the life of Megan Mark, who divorced after her. We hope to be at least the last. In any case, she is not the only one who has an important meaning and influence on her life.

About a month ago, the Duchess surprisingly appeared in New York, and later we realized that it was a secret childish party with her best friends. Prince Harry's pregnant wife was discovered by an apparently unknown person, which made us somewhat confused.

Megan and Marcus in New York

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Megan and Marcus in New York

But there is nothing suspicious about this story. The man concerned is Marcus Anderson. She and Megan have been known since 2001, when she came from Los Angeles to Toronto to start shooting the Costume series.

At that time, he worked on the creation of Soho House in the largest Canadian city. In addition to working for a rich and celebrity club, Anderson has enviable contacts in the world and is a close friend, not only with the Duke of Sussex.

Marcus at the wedding of Harry and Megan

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Marcus at the wedding of Harry and Megan

Another 18-year-old Canadian moved to London, where his current address is. But thanks to the months he spent in Toronto, Marcus makes one of the most powerful friends Megan repeatedly spoke in his blog The Tig.

According to her revelations, her life would be much more boring and uninteresting without her closest friend. However, through him, not only because of his role in costumes, he entered the world of the rich and famous, and from there, he goes to the heart of his prince.

Marcus is to the duchess when he lives with divorce with his first husband. When he begins to meet Harry, he arranges secret places so that he can relax in the great London and Toronto.

At the first official appearance of current men in the company Invictus Games in the pair 2017, Marcus was close to Megan. Of course, last year I did not miss luxurious weddings as well as New York baby entertainment.

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Prince Harry obviously does not mind this close friendship between his wife and 41-year-old Anderson. However, everyone needs a trusted person to keep his secrets and give him confidence in difficult moments. And they have not been to Megan lately.


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