Meetings of the first row: Teodora Dimova with the brothers Miladinov


At a virtual meeting with the past writer Teodora Dimova is looking for answers to her questions outside the temptations, facts and events that are frozen in the church. Where is the strongest memory of the revival of Struga, the emotions and reactions of the roots of patriotism.

Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinov, born in Struga, educated in Greece, Enlighteners, public figures and true people of the Alliance are advocates of the strengthening of Bulgaria, the assimilation of Greek politics, administrators for teaching Bulgarian in schools, a separate Bulgarian church, the preservation of folklore and the preservation of the sense of nationality. They hunt down Greek fanatists and Ottoman authorities, travel through Bulgaria, collect treasures from folk art and leave the generations of the largest collection of Bulgarian folk songs collected by the brothers Miladinovci Dimitrie and Constantine and published by Constantine in 12 works with 660 folk songs of various dialects and described by the Bulgarian rituals, customs, beliefs, traditions, games, negotiators, impulses, names, etc. In the preface there are 2000 words, with a small Slovene dictionary (Slova) also explained in Croatian.

Meetings of the first row: Teodora Dimova with brother Miladinov – November 18, 2018
"In the first line of history" – 11/18/2018


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