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Maggie Halvadjian raised the curtain for the "Lords"! There's no chance of FET, but … – Blitz


On the eve of her 52nd birthday, Maggie Halvadjian responded to a number of professional and business questions she had requested from Weekend. Some of them are related to the future of "Airmasters" – a show that was broadcast with great success for three five-year-olds, but the New Year stopped.

Maggie, I see you're very tired. Because of the drops?
– This is the case for several reasons related to the sale of Nova TV. It had to be bought, then it turned out to be, then other people would accept it … Throughout the story, all possible negotiations were postponed for 4 months. In fact, we are currently on an inhuman pedal because the preparation "Like two drops of water" was 2 months later, as it should have been. Okay, we're doing the seventh season and the machine is very oiled. If they had a second season, they would never succeed. Much work has to be done under high voltage. But it's fun, despite almost impossible times.

– After all, are there new owners of Nova TV?
– No no. The CPC stopped selling Kellner. Subsequently, the buyer complains and leaves a message that he is withdrawing and there will be no contract. As far as I know, there are other candidates. The moment the TV is sold, many things become obscure and unclear, because it is not clear who the new owner is, and the old ones do not want to make sudden movements.

– Was this year a version that does not have "two drops of water"?
– No. "Like two drops of water" for 6 years, it became the symbol of Nova. How will not the most rated performances in the air ?! The point is that once the TV is sold, it leaves the new owner to negotiate. You've experienced the same thing with BT years ago.

– It is known that the drop in the drops will again be Hilda Kazasyan and Funky, the name of Lyubo Kirov. And will you appreciate it?
– I will be a jury, but like last year – not for the constant. I liked it very much in 2018 – as a guest he was invited as a guest reviewer. It turned out that this idea worked well. I have not decided yet, but Lyubo Kirov can join. I have a lot of ideas for the jury.

– Will there be any surprises in the 7th season?
– It's a fantastic thing to think of something new and interesting, it would be different from the seasons. The viewer knows that there are unexpected situations in this exhibition and that everything is possible. Years ago, I gained the freedom to improvise – something that is not usually desirable in the media. Televisions do not like uncertainty because they are big investments. But I have gained confidence in "Like two drops of water", I do not have any interference, let me do what I want. By the way, this is paid because you have more restrictions on what you are doing, the more you risk going to the fence and routinely destroying something that is successful. In this regard, I am grateful to Nova – I have never set the conditions for "drops". I achieved my freedom with the best results I give to each performance.

"On the back side of the" drops "on the second main channel," will you go, "MasterSheff. Are you concerned about competition?
"I can not say that I'm worried, I do not care what's going to happen with the" drops. "For the first time, we were not against" MasterSheff "and last year's culinary presentation did not have a big chance against us not to say no. and always have to be there. If you do not have a competitor against you, fall asleep, you decide that you do not have to push it. We will see what will happen in the spring. I love the race.

There were publications that "drops" were your lifeless straw, that they would hardly protect Halvadjian's brother from bankruptcy. How will you comment?
– (Laughter.) Where does this information come from ?! Who let her go? I do not even want to comment on yellow pages and newspapers. There is an absolute lie, and then journalists in the same media justify the nonsense that their colleagues wrote. Why deal with this and explain it. I always call people on my facebook page to think and analyze. If someone thinks that "two drops of water" is the only thing that our 7 companies do, and if they are not "drops", we will go bankrupt, which is very misleading.

– The "Airmakers" broadcast, which produces your brother Judy, has stopped Nova TV …
– He's never stopped. It's not my job to comment on the relationship with printing. Negotiations are in progress and may end in one way or another, depending on whether we will be satisfied with the terms offered to us. If we are not satisfied, there will be no "Airmasters" on Nova TV. Maybe they are in the BBC. It's all about negotiation.

"Can not the" masters "be on the Bulgarian national television?
– No, because BNT has no money for such a show. Public television has never been part of the competition and is funded by the state. "Masters" are in many respects very critical of the people who run the country, no matter which party it is. Would you like to go to FET where someone with three phones can try to fix it ?!

"If they will offer you a new show that will be broadcast 3 days a week …
– There is no economic logic in this option, and it never existed for us or for television. This is pointless as a hypothesis.

– Have you changed the attitude to the broadcast of the "Airmasters" after the speech of your former journalist Dimitar Varbanov?
"Of course it is not possible that this thing will not be reflected. I repeat that I rely on the audible logic of the thinking people we are sending. In my life I always put things on the scale and watched where it would gain weight. we have 16 years and 15 000 stories, a number of exposed criminals, liars and thieves who have suffered citizens and deserved credit. On the other hand, a journalistic cutout that was immediately penalized and removed.Where is the heavyweight? I say that there is no way to hurt reporter spitting that spits on all the work of his other colleagues. With our brother we talked a lot about caring for people who work for "Airmakers", because in addition to entertainment, the show is a cause for us. We firmly believe that we are helping Bulgaria, which the institutions are forgetting. Justice is extremely important for us, and it is also the most missing thing in this country.

– Glorify Trifonov's greetings by "Airmasters". His performance even played a sketch in which you were the protagonist …
"The less you are, the more exciting you are, and in such situations you are looking forward." He was once a celebrity friend of mine who I liked and loved. Over the years this man gradually became something, he closed and became one wolf. to my exhibition with which he wants – I do not see a problem in this – the question is how they do it. At least that was funny and there was not. It's rude but ridiculous … Unfortunately, what they showed was not gifted. the second is the fact that I found them incomprehensible to the people in the office they watched. I have not followed Showa Slavia for many years. It's not funny or interesting.

– Slavi Trifonov says that he has finally been convicted of copyright infringement in connection with his performance. Is that right?
"There is no such thing, completely untrue! There are three examples between us and Slavy, where we have won two examples at the last stage. The truth behind which he speaks and the fine craft that condemns us is the truth completely different. He filed a lawsuit, that we used the imagery from his performance without asking for permission or payment. The court said that we have the right, because the law permits. We are only guilty of writing that people are taken with Slavia and that we should say that the producer Slavi Trifonov. We advocated by emphasizing that it is a co-production, and not only Slavi is a producer, but also BT You, and that we do not have the opportunity to broadcast 50 plays by the authors and those who performed this performance. Otherwise, the name of authors and producers should be displayed for 15 minutes. The court said that in principle, there seems to be no logic, but Trifonov is eventually the producer of the show, which we have to mark as using images from the show. I do not want to record from the show Slavi. This means that we can still use our recordings as much as we want. And we will continue this, because the law permits. Flavia changed things and spread a different version. We agreed with Brother Judy not to refuse Triphon to speak what he wants. We know the truth and what I say can be verified – there are documents.

– "X Factor" obviously will not have this year …
"We are doing pre-castings that we do not report, we are checking if there's anything new." If I do not think there are enough people for the new season, it's better not to act. "" It does not have to be an X Factor every year in our country, we are not England and America. The fact that Bulgaria is full of gifted singers is not true of the myth. There are talents, but there is not much that "X Factor" and "Voice of Bulgaria" will do every year.

– Your opinion on the broadcast "Bulgaria is looking for talent", about which you again announced casting? When you did it …
– I have a small problem with "Bulgaria looking for talent" because the last season was just singing and dancing. It's not so. We've done two seasons and I know that talent needs to be challenged and searched, instead of waiting for what you came in, because only singers and dancers come. The American version is a magnificent spectacle, because it represents all kinds of people with strange abilities and skills. That's interesting. The moment this element disappears and the performance becomes singing and dancing, it is better to stop it. "Bulgaria is looking for talent" has the same problem as "X Factor" and "Voice of Bulgaria" – there are not enough good candidates to broadcast fascinating and unforgettable. I do not want to do things that will be so, and no one will notice them. I've never worked solely to earn money, and that would be a pleasure for me.

– What will be the fate of your performance "The End of the City Police"?
– There is a new seasonal option. We are full of ideas for other shows and series, there are many projects. It still hurts me that TV is on sale and it's not clear who will be the new owner. The same procedure takes place in the BBC. When this happens in two large televisions, this is a problem for manufacturers. We want to do new things and TV take risks, and when the media sells, the owner does not want to take risks. Our "Masters" will last longer and in an hour. It's not about censorship, as it was before. Negotiations are not easy. With Brother Judy, we think that "Airmasters" have at least 17 years of life ahead of them, if properly adjusted, if there are changes.

"If Nova does not approve your ideas, what will you do?"
"We will not leave the Lord." We can not omit something that has brought so many years of unique results, and that is worth it. We are emotionally connected with the transfer. We will fight for everything and if we strike the stone because there are differences in terms of how to evolve … Wherever we cry, we will make a television and we will broadcast "Airmasters" on it. "I am sure, of course .

– Is there a download for nothing?
– Yes, there is also this option. "The masters" were twice as many times. If we do not understand New and you, we will have more time to prepare them and convince ourselves of what we offer. It is not known what can happen, in our business everything changes within three minutes.

– Are "masters" working on unpaid leave?
"Yes, the majority, except for the part of the administration that deals with other projects. They are aware of the situation, they know what the problem is and why things are happening. Nobody likes it, but they know us well and do not doubt that we will fight to the end One way or another, there will be a solution.

– You have a birthday on February 18th. Will you celebrate?
"I celebrate with Bebo, Kremen, Alex, Eddie, my brother, his wife and my niece. Even my mom, who is more frequent in Bulgaria this year, maybe just a family meeting without friends.

How do you feel at 52?
– Quiet – I felt it at the age of 50. When you're fifty, you're a little nervous, but when you're done, it's different. Without him, I stopped fighting. I focused on important causes, I do not walk.

– With health, how are you?
Okay, I can not complain. I smoked cigars to reduce cigarettes. I am still a hypochondriac and soon I went to do some research because I had a slightly elevated blood sugar. Basically I do not eat sweet, but I drink 10 cups a day with lots of sugar (laughter).

– You posted a picture of your grandson Eddy on Facebook and he had remarks that his hair looks like a girl for long hair. Does it irritate you?
I was also a girl, because I was a longtime girl. It's freedom. Eddie is gorgeous with his long hair and will wear it for as long as he wants.

"Is your Kremen's wife your corrective?"
"Yes, for many things I have a corrective, but for others I have it. Maybe it's the secret of our co-existence that has been going on for 30 years.

– Are you still strict and demanding for the son of Beb?
"The silk forces me to make it so big." What does it mean to demand? I've always been repeating to him some of the principles he has to have from a small one. Even if I did not talk too much with him, he was watching.

"Does your mother still try to teach you and your brother?"
"My mother does not know everything and should not. Do not worry, I always told her that it's okay." "And the point about the subject." "Yes, he's trying to teach us …" He must not laugh very much; He's fat and does not listen to him.

"Your friend Ivan Laskin died …"
"Yes, I'm sorry … I'm sorry, I called Alex and told her she could count on me, but I know she does not help if you lose a relative." There is a long period in which it is very difficult.

"What was your last day with John?"
"It was a long time, in our company we saw the party where Alex was. Then they talked to my brother Judy about doing something, and he was in the" Airmasters ".

– Is it no pity that gifted people go for alcohol abuse?
"This is nothing new in the history of mankind – this has happened several times with gifted people. Alcohol does not forgive, you come to this vortex … I can not judge anyone about his addiction, because that is something we really do not get rid of. they are more emotional and, unfortunately, they sometimes find consolation with drinking or drugs. I know that Ivan tried to fight, but sometimes things are stronger than man.

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