Love and Cheating Behind Cruel Murder Near Rousse, Drama Unbelievable – Blitz


The 36-year-old man who was arrested in the village of Svalenik by Dve Mogili was brutally murdered, the victim's cousin. The report on the cruel crime was filed on DU Mogili's 112 phone on Friday at 22:23.

The police force of the district government was immediately sent to the scene, which founded a 37-year-old body.
The crime was kept by the police, all the necessary operational and search investigations were made to clarify the case. The inspection by the ODMWR – Rousse task force has been carried out.

During the initial work, data was collected that this was a scandal after a murder. The police set off a quick reaction, and very soon, a 36-year-old man was arrested in the village this evening.

The case was documented and reported to the regional prosecutor – Rousse, and a preliminary procedure was initiated at OMPI-Rousse.
The 36 year old man was detained under LMI for 24 hours.

Investigators work under the direction of a prosecutor.

According to the villagers, 36-year-old MK was a local at a local company, writes A month ago, when he came home from a night shift, his cousin and wife were found naked in bed. Then he shot them and the fake wife and the coward's cousin's pictures jumped to facebook. Alcoholic bottles rolled in the house, and at that time both children were in the house. The woman works in kindergarten in the village.

He left him immediately and lived with the man he had been killed and left the children to their father. He was unable to work informally again and the police knew. Meanwhile, the deceived husband made divorce papers.

It is unclear why he chose last night, but he went to the home where his wife had settled down and wanted to beat her. After your new partner emerged, the fight was moved to him. But obviously aggression was stronger than lovers.



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