Saturday , September 18 2021

LIVE: Botev PD – Pirin 2: 0 – BG Football – efbet league

Botev Plovdiv and Pirin Blagoevgrad start the new championship with a match in the complex in Komatevo. The score was now 2 – 0. In the 18th minute, Pa Konate directed Petrov to make a header for Botev. Jose Martins – Marquinhos scored with an excellent attack in the 41st minute for 2: 0.

The match starts at 18.45 and you will be able to follow it from minute to minute with, as well as live broadcast on DIEMA SPORT.

In the first ten minutes of the match, Toku’s shot from a great distance in the 4th minute did not hinder Petrov, and a little later, from a direct free kick, the “Canaries” tried their luck again, but it didn’t work out.

Anton Uzunov

Pirin got a great opportunity in the 18th minute to shoot at the door of the Argilla, but Zanev did not find the goal.

Botev opened the score with a goal by Pa Konate, who received a pass to the right from Minkov and punched Petrov in the head, who seemed to have made a mistake in the goal. The home team made excellent progress in the 25th minute, but did not score a new goal. A little later, Konate met Petrov face to face, but goalkeeper Pirin defended brilliantly.

Spas Georgiev cleared Botev’s penalty area, fired a shot, and Argilashki easily saved it in the 36th minute. A little later he shot again, again the ball fell into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Botev hit the opponent in the 41st minute after Atanas Iliev sent a great pass to Jose Martins-Marquinhos, who overtook Pirin’s loose defense and beat Petrov 2-0.

Botev Plovdiv – Pirin Blagoevgrad 2: 0
1: 0 Conate (18), 2: 0 Jose Martins-Marquinhos (41)

lineups of both teams:

Botev Plovdiv: Argilashki, Konate, Genev, Martens, Martins, Toku, Iliev, Minkov, Rabey, Rabotov, Filipov

Pirin Blagoevgrad: Petrov, Karachanakov, Stanojev, Bodurov, Starokin, Zanev, Djakov, Jordanov, Manolev, Nikolov, Georgiev

Chief Judge: George Dimitrov

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