Kazakhstan is kept in Burgas for $ 1 million drainage


Permanent arrest for a 26-year-old citizen in Kazakhstan has decided before the court in Burgas. Maxim Leontievet is asked by the Kazakh authorities. The accusation against the young man is that he owes him huge sums of money over one million dollars at a company that has been working for years.

Leontiev was arrested while living in Bulgaria for a permanent residence in the Migration Service. From January of this year he lived with his wife and two children in Hungary.
Based on preliminary information, the crime against Leontiev was committed in 2012.
District Prosecutor Georgi Chinev stated that no documents were received from the authorities in Kazakhstan so far. This should be done within 40 days. The detention order may be appealed to the appellate court on 9 November.

It is interesting that Leontiev was jailed six years after the punishment. Then he was only 19, reminded Georgi Chinev.


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